Friday, January 24, 2014

Why Should Kids Go "Home" at All?

By, Chris Rossini

Separation & Indoctrination. Those words summarize the purpose of public schooling. The goal is to separate kids from their parents as early as possible, and indoctrinate them for as long as possible.

We see the push for getting kids as early as possible with calls for "Universal Pre-K".

Next comes having the kids for as long as possible. Here's a peek into what that looks like. Fox reports on NJ Governor Chris Christie's recent education announcement:
One of the big education announcements that he made in Camden is plans for an after-school dinner program for kids in six of the city’s schools.

“Life in 2014 is very much different from life 100 years ago and it demands something more for our students. It is time to lengthen both the school day and the school year in New Jersey,” Christie said.
Next up: Beds in schools. Why go home at all?

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  1. I sincerely hope that some children get a decent supper but..................
    The State destroys the family but throws at bone at the orphans.
    Burn in hell you statist mf'ers.

    1. "Burn in hell you statist mf'ers."

      Oh they will JT. They will. The state is the biggest child abuser on Earth.

  2. Just remember kiddies, speak well of Mr. Christie so he doesn't close down all of the toilets at school and make you wait for a really long time to "go" !