Thursday, January 16, 2014

WSJ Reporter Missing In New Jersey

A search involving hundreds of people is under way for a Wall Street Journal reporter who has been missing since he left his New Jersey home Saturday afternoon, saying he was stepping out for a short walk, reports WSJ.

Authorities have said they don't know what happened to David Bird, 55 years old, last seen leaving his home in the Millington section of Long Hill Township.

Bird, who covers energy markets for the Journal, has worked for Dow Jones for more than 20 years.

Bird's wife, Nancy Bird, said the couple was putting away Christmas decorations Saturday afternoon when Mr. Bird put on his red rain jacket and said he wanted to take a quick walk before an expected rainstorm, according to WSJ.. He left the house at 4:30 p.m. and didn't take his phone.

Ms. Bird said her husband had been feeling under the weather with a gastrointestinal virus. He was starting to feel better, and she wasn't surprised that he wanted to get some fresh air.

Their usual destination for a quick walk in the neighborhood is Hicks Tract, a wooded area near their house.

Bird covers the energy markets for WSJ. A sample of his work is here.

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  1. Wall Street Urinal reporter missing? Sorry, can't get worked up about the disappearance of some overpaid stenographer for crony capitalist oligarchs. Now if Wenzel went missing that would get my attention.