Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Libertarian Litmus Test

By Laurence M. Vance

The drug war. We often here about how this or that Republican politician is a “libertarian” or “libertarian-leaning” or a “friend of liberty.” In the vast majority of the cases (if not all of them) said Republican politician supports the war on drugs. Oh, some of them may say that the states should decide if marijuana should be legal, but they themselves favor its prohibition and, of course, all stronger drugs as well. The drug war is a great litmus test for Republicans who want to get libertarian votes on election day. I propose that any Republican politician who is not in favor of ending the drug war is not a libertarian, libertarian-leaning, or a friend of liberty. He is an enemy of these things and not worthy of libertarian votes no matter how “good” he appears to be on other issues.

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  1. I expected this to appear here, and i completely agree with it.

    The war on drugs is one of the most repugnant bits of state policies there is.
    The criminalization of victimless crimes; the generation of drug-related violence as a result of the aforementioned criminalization; the militarization of the police; raids that target and harm, even kill, innocents; the victimization of minorities; the locking up in violent hell holes (prison) of those accused of victimless crimes.

    No liberty lover could in any way be in support of this, for any reason. That is (one of the reasons) why i don't consider Rand Paul a "liberty lover", and why i also don't consider Gary Johnson to be a libertarian.

  2. Let us also propose a Republican litmus test: reinstatement of the Volstead Act. Anything less advocates alcoholism to children!

  3. I always figure that if God gave mankind a choice, why can't man give mankind a choice?

  4. Off topic, but I need to vent. Damn UNC-dook game postponed because of freaking government owned roads. I'm sure ESPN and dook would have happily paid extra for a company to bring in a bunch of plows or something, but nooooooooo. And the FAA banned helicopter taxis. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

  5. Works for me but wouldn't NAP be a better test?

  6. The stench of hypocrisy is evident in the hollow lizard like eyes of Laura Bush and Cindy McCain, who have been heavily sedated for decades. Who wouldn't be on drugs if you lived with a man who was responsible for murdering millions of people, and another who aspired to slaughter millions more in defense of the homeland.

    The Republican party and their renfield patsies, the Tea Party are incapable of ending the "War on Drugs" because it is the foundation of the for profit prison system. Besides those people in prison used drugs that were not approved by the FDA, and did not keep their mothers little helpers in a medicine cabinet like good Stepford Wives.