Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bitcoins In Canada Fall Under Federal Scrutiny In 2014 Federal Budget

The Canadian Press reports:
A look at some unusual items included in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's budget, delivered Tuesday[...]

The government plans to bring virtual currencies such as the Bitcoin under the provisions of the money-laundering and anti-terrorism financing regulations.

"It is important to continually improve Canada's regime to address emerging risks, including virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, that threaten Canada's international leadership in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing."
(ht Vince Herlaar)


  1. Wenzel has probably read more about Bitcoin than anyone else in the world, in the category of people who don't have any. It would actually be kind of impressive if it wasn't so sad.

  2. "in the category of people who don't have any."

    Why are you so sure that isn't the correct position?

    BTC is looking more and more like the Myspace of crypto$.