Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another Bankster Suicide

The South China Morning Post reports:

A man on Tuesday jumped to his death from the top of Chater House in Central, where Wall Street bank JP Morgan has its Asia headquarters, witnesses told the South China Morning Post.

The man, said to be in his early 30s, went to the roof of Chater House, a landmark 30-floor building in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district – also near the city’s stock exchange – and jumped.

The incident happened between 2pm to 3pm, a witness said.

Several policemen were seen on the roof but apparently failed to convince the man not to jump, one of the witnesses said.

According to several JP Morgan employees, the man was a forex trader with the company. 
Police later confirmed to the Post that a 33-year-old man – surnamed Li – was found in a dangerous position on the roof of Chater House on Connaught Road Central at 2.08 pm local time. Li threw himself off the building before the city’s emergency crew arrived. 
JP Morgan takes up 10 floors, from the 20th to 29th, of Chater House, one of the financial district’s landmark high-rises. It is the main regional head office location for the bank, which also houses its staff in Hong Kong in several other buildings across the city. Chater House also carries the logo of JP Morgan on the top corner of the building.

They, forgive the pun, keep falling. See: The Growing Trail of Dead Banksters


  1. Some people believe that this is the sign of a coming economic collaps. I believe they killed themselves because they went all in on bitcoin.

  2. In the US they usually blow their brains out. Sometimes after blowing someone else's brains out. I think it would be more humane if people were offered options that were not violent. For example, every pharmacy in the US should have on the shelves suicide kits consisting of a tank of nitrogen, a pressure regulator, a hose, and a stuff-sack with drawstring. How does it work? Hook it up, lie down, put the bag over your head, turn it on and you die. After 1 or 2 breaths you pass out but continue to breathe. There is no gagging because normal air is 78% nitrogen - with 100% nitrogen the body does not notice any problem. You simply asphyxiate painlessly. Should be available to any adult no questions asked.

    1. Well, you're just a bundle of fucking joy. Here's a thought - you go first, I'll hold your coat...

    2. And Mr. Humane( 8:23 PM) prefers a violent, painful, and truly awful death for all who have had enough. Now who looks like the "bundle of fucking joy" you thoughtless imbecile.