Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Passwords Will Be Obsolete If Google Has Its Way

NyPo reports:
Trying to remember all your online passwords can tie you up in a panicky, confused state.
But Google might be changing all that with a sound-based password only your phone can hear.
Google has acquired SlickLogin, an Israeli security startup that delivers a smart alternative to having to access sites that require both a passwords and authentication code that’s sent to your mobile.
This time-consuming process will hopefully be banished as the new technology from SlickLogin lets you hold your mobile up to your computer to ‘listen’ to the website’s ultra-sonic sound. This inaudible sound is encrypted with data and the unique confirmation required is heard by the phone and sent back to the SlickLogin servers, and you’re in.
Because you are the owner of the mobile phone it knows that it is you trying to access the site, not a hacker from an unknown remote location. The audio code is different each time you try to login, which means you have to physically be there to get access.
SlickLogin believes “logging in should be easy instead of frustrating and authentication should be effective without getting in the way”.

Yikes, consider me very nervous.

The CEO of  SlickLogin is Or Zelig. He lead the development of the next-generation of military data security devices for the Israeli Defense Force.

The VP R&D is Ori Kabeli, who, according to SlickLogin's web site, is "a software developer and team leader with over 7 years of extensive hands-on experience in developing security oriented products, mainly for military and governmental agencies."


  1. "Because you are the owner of the mobile phone..."
    Major flaw: Ownership and possession are not the same thing.

  2. Passwords Will Be Obsolete If Google Has Its Way

    In a related story, Google will be obsolete if the NSA has its way...