Friday, February 28, 2014

Bill de Blasio Transaprency

Capital New York  informs:
 In October the New York Times asked Bill de Blasio what a mayor’s resume should look like.
His response contained many words, but the nut of it was this: “It’s about ability to communicate. It’s about clarity of vision and ability to sense what’s going on on-the-ground, and listen.”
So far, "ability to communicate" has not proven to be one of the new mayor's strong suits.
Though de Blasio campaigned on the promise of governmental transparency, his actual approach to communication has tended, even on ostensibly comfortable subjects for him—and even in the cases of set-piece events that he would seem to have an interest in promoting—toward the opaque and unhelpful.
He often talks about strengthening community relations and, ironically, improving public communication as a proxy for revealing details. Frequently, his press office doesn't bother to respond to requests for comment, and the mayor regularly shows up 40 minutes late to press conferences. More times than one might expect in just two months of governing, de Blasio has left important meetings off of his public schedule (AIPAC, Valerie Jarrett), or included them but then barred the press (the Real Estate Board of New York, Pussy Riot).


  1. Elect a Communist, don't be surprised when you get Communist policies...

  2. NYC will be getting what it deserves....

  3. Sounds just like how Obama was going to have the most open and transparent presidency ever... Not that I'm implying that would make things much better.