Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bitcoin Fanboy Shoots His iPhone with a Rifle

WSJ reports:
A bitcoiner named Ryan [...], of Ryan’s Range Report, took his iPhone 4S out to what looks like a private range — and shot it. Several times. He was prompted by a reader on reddit, who promised to send a Nexus 5 to the first five people to smash their iPhones.


  1. Instead of the ninja outfit, he should have put a brown shopping bag over his head. What an embarrassment. Then he needed 4 or 5 shots to hit it. Good work taking out that banana. Robb Wolf says they cause insulin insensitivity. He's a Ron Paul supporter so they probably listen to him.

    1. RW, please get rid of this BORING troll.

      When I see a troll I judge on whether the troll is amusing or not. This troll is boring.

  2. Did this kid get his bridge in New York, too? I think he won the Nigerian lottery too.