Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chris Christie Booed in Times Square at Super Bowl Event

The traffic-blocking fat man was booed today in NYC. Video here.


The New York Daily News reports:
It was a tough thing for a Jersey guy to hear: Boos rained down Saturday on Gov. Chris Christie like he was wearing a Tony Romo jersey.
The once-immensely popular Christie, his glow lost to scandal, sat stone-faced as he was razzed in Times Square for a typically upbeat Super Bowl event. 
“You made it across the bridge?” howled one heckler as the problem-plagued Christie — in a navy Windbreaker and black scarf — sat impassively on the stage at Broadway and W. 43rd St.


  1. It fills my heart with joy that the world is beginning to see these scum for exactly what they are. Christie is an empty suit, filled with the flatulence of self importance. His 15 minutes of fame are over.

    See him for exactly what he is...

  2. The whole Christie affair is a reminder of how POWERFUL the powers that be can be.

    There would be no story if the media simply ignored this story and marginalized it as a story about "some traffic"

    Instead, for some reason, Christie is to be brought down. I don't mind. Christie is evil to the core. But don't anyone think that there are not higher powers at work here.

    Maybe clearing the decks for Jeb Bush. Jeb has actually "paid his dues" the hard way going back to the 80's. Christie has nearly paid his dues by his brothers checkbook.