Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How The Minimum Wage Helps To Strengthen Government's Grip on Everyone

By, Chris Rossini

In Judge Napolitano's excellent book Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom, the Judge covered Roosevelt & Wilson's flirtations with eugenics and population control. Mixed in, I found a snippet that's very relevant to the minimum wage issue that's being widely discussed today:
Through minimum-wage laws they thrust the "unemployable" out of the labor force.
Who are the "unemployable"? Those who do not have the skills or who aren't productive enough to earn the government-mandated minimum wage. If the min. wage is $10, but you don't have the skills to earn that $10, you are now "unemployable". Government has outlawed you from the labor force. You have been forced into unemployment.

Once you're knocked out of the labor force, the government sticks its fangs in:
Once people are on welfare, family planning becomes the government's burden because children become expenditures of the state. (my emphasis)
You (and your children) are now an expense of the state. What a sad situation, for you would have gladly taken a job below the minimum wage. You'd work for $9, $8...and chances are excellent that there are business owners who would have hired you for the right price. It's not that you don't want to work, you've been forbidden from work by some stupid law.

Now that the government has its fangs in you, and can drip...drip...drip some welfare checks your way, it has added excuse to tighten its grip. Since you (and millions of others) are now expenditures and liabilities to the government, it sees fit to make sure that you don't get even more expensive for them.

The door now opens for all types controls: like what you should eat, the size of your soda cups, how much your cigarettes cost, and where you're allowed to smoke them. You're children are in play too. Here's Michelle Obama now calling for a "summit" of food makers and entertainment companies, so that they may talk about what they're allowed to advertise to your kids:

Here's an important takeaway: While the government has its venomous fangs in you (and the rest who comprise one of the largest Welfare States in the world) the controls are not limited just for you. The controls and regulations are for all Americans.

If government raises the minimum wage again, simple supply & demand economics explain that more dependents will be created. But why should the government care? Those who come to depend on the State, tend to then defend the State. 

Government's fangs are ready for some new blood, and there are definitely more controls in the hopper (for all of us) that are sure to follow.

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  1. Minimum wage outlaws jobs.

    So easy.

  2. Off topic but, I wouldn't want my children anywhere near that lying, thieving sociopath Michelle Obama.