Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Only Working Gun Control in Chicago

Christopher Barcelo emails:
In Rammaland perhaps snow is the 'best' gun control. At least one statistical measure this winter benefits from the cold weather. Hey the economy might be stuttering because of the cold; but at least no one was shot in Chicago... (Not counting self inflicted accidents of course)


By Jeremy GornerTribune reporter
6:51 p.m. CST, February 17, 2014

The official Chicago police tally of shootings last weekend was a rare number: zero.
The streak started after a 41-year-old man was shot at 8:20 p.m. Fridayin the Austin community and was still going as of midday Monday, according to a police spokesman.
That streak nearly came to an end late Sunday when a crime victim pulled out a gun while reportedly trying to defend himself during an attempted robbery on the West Side, but he ended up wounding himself in the foot, authorities said. Police typically don't count self-inflicted gunshot victims as part of their official shooting tally.
The rare stretch without any gun violence came as the Chicago area saw light snow Saturday night and temperatures that reached highs in the 20s throughout the weekend, according to the National Weather Service. No shootings were reported in Chicago early Monday afternoon as heavy snow fell.
The peaceful weekend followed the pattern for 2014 so far — no doubt thanks in large part to one of the harshest winters in Chicago history. Through Feb. 9, shootings fell to 112, down 39 percent from a year earlier, according to department figures. Homicides fell 36 percent to 28 over the same period, the statistics show.
The victim of the attempted holdup, a 16-year-old boy, was approached about 11:45 p.m. Sunday by at least one robber in the 500 block of North Monticello Avenue in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, Chicago police said, citing preliminary information. The victim pulled out a gun, but he accidentally shot himself in the foot, police said.
He was taken in good condition to Norwegian-American Hospital.


  1. Did anyone else pick up that a 16 year old boy had no issue finding a gun in gun controlled Chicago? Prohibition never works!

  2. so the 16 year old victim pulled out a gun to defend himself.

    do the gun banners not realize that is yet another law broken? (you have to be 21 to own a handgun typically)

    i mean i'm glad he had the ability to defend himself, but it just underscores the fact that people who are going to break the law will do so no matter what or how many laws they make.

  3. we should be ok through to next week the temperature gets well below zero again and then up to 10 or so inchs of snow perhaps on the weekend.