Thursday, February 20, 2014

Important New Book: Watergate as a CIA Coup

Roger Stone sends along a link to a Palm Beach Post story that discusses his upcoming book:
Political strategist, fashion maven and Richard Nixon tattoo recipient Roger Stone attended the Bob Woodward-Carl Bernstein lecture at Florida Atlantic University on Wednesday and offered a glimpse of an alternate Watergate theory that he said he’ll be laying out in a forthcoming book.

Stone, 61, was a college-age operative for Nixon’s 1972 re-election campaign and later was a post-White House Nixon adviser. He has a tattoo of the 37th president on his back. A longtime Republican consultant, Stone is now a Libertarian who lives in Miami Beach. Stone and Mike Colapietro wrote The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ last year and in September will release Nixon’s Secrets: The Truth About Watergate and the Pardon.

“I think Watergate was a coup d’etat, was a CIA takedown of Nixon,” Stone told before taking his seat at the Woodward-Bernstein event. “The CIA became aware of this boneheaded idea of breaking into the Watergate — this idiotic idea by (G. Gordon) Liddy and (Jeb Stuart) Magruder and others — and they infiltrated it, they sabotaged it. (James) McCord, (Eugenio) Martinez, (E. Howard) Hunt – they were all active CIA assests. And their motive was Nixon was demanding the records from the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination and he wouldn’t stop.”


  1. This theory is also advocated by leftist journalist Russ Baker of "Who, What, Why" fame because Nixon didn't want to end up like JFK. Fascinating stuff, good for Stone.

    1. Yes, Im not crazy about a lot of what Russ stands for. He seems to "see" all the corruption wham it involves a republican, but isn't quite as interested in it when it involves a democrat.

    2. What Russ Baker stands for is truth. Some may not agree with the battles he chooses but I don't think anyone can argue with the integrity of his research and reporting. I've read a lot of his stuff and sometimes don't finish certain articles because they don't interest me, and I felt insulted by one of his comments back to me once, but I have never found any of his research to be dishonest, misleading, or unsubstantiated.

      As for the CIA takedown of Nixon idea, we've all been scratching our heads for the past 40+ years wondering what Nixon could possibly have been thinking when he ordered the Watergate break in, it was like "breaking into Ford to steal the plans for the Edsel" as Earl Butz put it. It made no sense whatsoever. The idea of a CIA takedown is the only theory put forth so far that makes any sense to me.

  2. CIA took down JFK and they have never left power. They can take down anyone they want at any time. Nixon was one of the first after assuming power after the JFK assignation, and just like a new puppy, you have to put their nose in it until they get it. The Presidents that followed were much more obedient.