Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jack Lew Does a West Coast Crony Sit Down with Al Gore

On his way to Australia for a G-20 meeting, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew stopped off in San Francisco and held a private meeting with the West Coast "business leaders." EPJ has obtained a list of the attendees:

Al Gore              KPCB
Brett Kopf    Remind101
Dan’l Lewin Microsoft
Dave Morin Path
Drew Houston Dropbox
Halle Tecco Rock Health
John Doerr KPCB
Kate Mitchell Scale Venture Partners
Max Ventilla AltSchool
Megan Quinn KPCB
Mike Abbott KPCB
Weili Dai         Marvel Semiconductor
Mike Lee         MyFitnessPal
Wally Adeyemo  Staffer
Victoria Esser   Staffer

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