Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lee Stranahan on Rand Paul's Feeble Attack on Bill Clinton


  1. He did just sue Obama for wire taps. That's some funny ish. Don't expect anything to come of it, but funny no less.

  2. And if you want to look further ambrose evan prichard's secret life of bill clinton and jim bovards feeling your pain are recommended.

  3. Funny Lee Stranahan didn't mention the Waco massacre, bombing Serbia for Al Kayda, starving 1/2 a million Iraqi women and children, or hiring more goons to escalate the domestic police state. But I guess his tips are valuable if you want to hone your rhetoric targeted at evangelicals and Billy Kristyle.

    1. Judging by his articles on Breitbart, Stranahan seems to be a run of the mill right wing Christian who's sole interest is in bashing the left (and possibly some rightists he doesn't like). I haven't discovered much criticism for topics that the statist right embraces.

      If this indicates that he is indeed a statist conservative, it would certainly explain that he seems to think "lying" to the American people (as if ALL politicians don't do that), extramarital sex, cigars, Paula Jones etc are things Clinton really needs to be attacked on, rather than on bombing Serbia, Waco, starving half a million Iraqis and bombing some medicine factory in Africa.

      After all, the latter is what statist conservatives can easily embrace.

      But fooling around with some woman, now THAT is just horrible, so un-Christian-like.

  4. It just seems strange. Why even bring up Clinton? It's been over a decade.

  5. You mean murdering all those innocents is more important than "the cigar"?

  6. Juanita Broaddrick, who detailed her claims against Clinton on television, was also left out.