Saturday, February 22, 2014

Members-Only Bathrooms Planned for New York

File under: Free markets are awesome.

The Verge reports:
How much would you pay to poop in private? A new company called Posh is betting the answer is six dollars, alongside a $15-a-year membership fee. Taking a Zipcar-style approach to bathrooms in Manhattan, the service will offer private powder rooms with baby-changing stations and luxury showers in a central Manhattan location. The service also offers lockers where visitors can store their bags, but the core appeal is the bathroom, a crucial respite for small-bladdered tourists without access to other facilities. According to the site, the rooms will be cleaned after each usage, and equipped with touchless faucets and flushers to minimize hygeinic concerns. The first facilities are set to arrive in the summer of 2014.


  1. George Costanza, please call your office.

  2. when we visited switzerland nearly 20 years ago they had public "pay" bathrooms just like this. they were 24 hour maintained and spotless.

  3. Certainly a service worth paying for in any major city. Watch de Blasio attempt to fuck it up with some mindless ordnance.

    1. I was thinking along similar lines NY Cynic. These power-mad politicians (or in some cases ideological left-fanatics) will NEVER stop. If the commie in power actually overlooks it I'd be surprised.