Monday, February 10, 2014

More Evidence of Employers Fighting Back Against the Possibility of Higher Minimum Wages

The combination of the threats of higher minimum wage laws and the costs of Obamacare are resulting in more and more firms considering automation to replace what is becoming very expensive labor.

Ed Yardeni writes:
I’ve noticed recently at my local CVS Pharmacy that there are three cash registers but only one person operating one of them. The other day, I was surprised when this person offered to help me to check out using the self-service barcode scanner rather than do it for me at her register. The message is “do it yourself.” This is just one of many examples of how businesses are using technology to reduce their headcount. 
This is one of the main reasons why employment gains have been subpar during the current economic expansion.


  1. I was just in the san jose dowtown safeway. There were two human cashiers and 8 self serve registers
    The human cashiers shared a long line of customers and all the self serve cashiers shared one line. I got in the sel serve line because it was moving much quicker and only had a few items like most of the people in the line. In the middle of the eight self registers was one employee directing customers to each machine as it became available. Of course, this was not my suburban grocery store half full of moms with carts brimming but how long can that last either or should it anyway.

  2. Here where I live there is a shopping mall movie complex. It has two floors floors full of concession stands. The second floor stands are always closed, even on a busy weekend night. The first floor has only a minimum amount of young people working a few lanes.

  3. Remember the days of elevator operators, door men and gas station attendants (that would actually fill your tank for you)? All long gone since the days The State first began to intervene in the labor market. Now all our thirty year old nephews and nieces live in the basements of their parents and work a few hours a week at Starbucks or Walmart.
    I really miss civilization.

  4. Remember bathroom attendants,coat check rooms and shoe shiners? Actually, I noticed that my nordstroms has a shoe shine station in the mens shoe dept.

    1. You want to get rid of the minimum wage so somebody can help you wipe your ass? At least you're not pretending to oppose the minimum wage because you care about the poor.

    2. At the heart of your rage is envy. There is nothing you fear more than the success of your neighbor. Better the world burn than that, right Jerry? You're a loser Jerry. And your hate will never make you less of one. The joke is on you Jerry. You're a loser.

    3. "At least you're not pretending to oppose the minimum wage because you care about the poor."

      You don't think paying the poor to shine your shoes is caring for them? Where's the dividing line Jerry? How about paying people to mow your grass, some of whom are rich and some who are poor? Are just the poor ones being "exploited"?

      What's your logic behind that?

      Oh, that's're just throwing (stink)bombs and then running away.

  5. Does jerry really think that bathroom attendants wiped asses? He must not be very mature. He's confusing them with nurse's assistants who now need to be "certified" and "licensed" by the state before they can touch anyone's ass anymore!