Friday, February 14, 2014

More Evidence That Washington D.C. is Filled with Sociopaths

A major reason I like the Netflix series, The House of Cards, is that it depicts politicians and other government officials as they really are, as a lying, manipulative, immoral group.

If I were in government, I would be horrified by this portrayal. Yet, Washington DC types seem to also be big fans of the show.

NyPo reports:
President Obama’s latest playful executive order is a tweeted effort to limit “House of Cards” plot spoilers.
The second season of the political thriller about a power-hungry Washington couple premiered in its entirety Friday on Netflix. Obama’s official Twitter account notes the occasion along with the request: “No spoilers, please.”

Cast members reveled in the real-life president’s support at a premiere event Thursday night. Robin Wright plays Claire Underwood, wife of Kevin Spacey’s vice president-to-be Frank Underwood. She says Obama “knows good stuff.”
This is proof to me that Obama and the rest of them are indeed a bunch of  a lying, manipulative, immoral sociopaths. How else could they be fans of the series, which, correctly, shows no redeeming values in politicians?


  1. We treat the program like entertainment. The politicians treat it like an educational video.

  2. We live at a time when, beyond only the most perfunctory sloganeering, the sociopaths don't even bother to hide the fact that they're in it for the power and lucre.

  3. Well if you want to be a politician dont you have to be a sociopath?

  4. Are Bankers Being Killed Because They Know Too Much?

    Now returning to your question of what do I think about the suicidal bankers. I’m naturally very suspect whether all of these guys, many of whom were at the peak of their careers, had no history of mental illness, and no history of depression that’s been disclosed in any of these cases, all suddenly decided to kill themselves. This just doesn’t jibe.

    It appears to be tied in with investigations that are going on with respect to the fixing of the gold price in London, and more importantly with manipulation and fixing of various FOREX spreads for the benefit and the profit of these same banks.

    So the banks need to be seen for what they are: These banks have admitted to what are clear felonies, and have gotten off so far with simply paying billions of dollars in fines. Those fines go out the front door, but in the back door comes money from their central banks. So, in essence, they are feeling no pain, while their top officials continue to rake in enormous amounts of money in bonuses and pay.

    So the banks will continue to rape and pillage the public as long as they are allowed to. Imagine Tony Soprano in charge of manipulating markets, and with the support of the central banks calling in his people and saying, ‘We have a new game plan: Let’s fix every market that we can get our hands on -- gold, silver, energy, and FOREX. Let’s fix everything that we possibly can for our own profit until they run us out of town.’

    Now, since the banks have hijacked the governments, they are not being run out of town. They basically hold Washington and other governments hostage.”

    1. Banks are money launderers for the state.

  5. Barack Hussein Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham took him with her when she went to Indonesia shortly after he had finished kindergarten in Hawaii. While young Barry was beginning to lose his baby teeth he witnessed the genocidal horror of General Suharto's paramilitary thugs killing ethnic Chinese, and between 600,000 to 1,000,000 million other Indonesians in a process of political cleansing. As a parent of two adult children, I have to ask what sane mother or father would expose their first graders to genocidal murder of hundreds of thousands of people in a land thousands of miles from their home? So Barry could proclaim that he is good at murdering people with drones as an adult?

    Well I guess the answer is, if you worked as a NOC agent for the CIA, and you reported to Timothy Geithner's father, who now works for the genocidal Rockefeller foundation.

    But from my own experience I would have to say that ultimately, if you want to be really good at something you have to start the process of learning your craft when you are very young. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart"s father taught him how to play the piano and compose music, Stanley Ann Dunham taught her son how to tell blatant lies and order others to murder in his name while never breaking a sweat.