Friday, February 28, 2014

Morning Joe: ”Rand Paul is singing my song! I love what he’s saying.”

Who the hell is running Rand Paul?

He is subtlety shifting the message from liberty to "inclusiveness."

This is very disturbing. I have said before that as we approach the 2016 presidential  primaries that Rand will get more interventionist in his views, but he is starting to sound like a leftwing nutjob. At a tea party event, yesterday, he said:
When we present our message, if we want a bigger crowd and we want to win politically, our message has to be a happy message, one of optimism, one of inclusiveness, one of growth. A message that actually brings up the people who are poor among us, brings up those who are longterm unemployed and finds them jobs. Our message is that, but we have to figure out a way to make sure everybody knows that that’s what we’re here for.
What about delivering the liberty message?

According to MSNBC,  “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scaroborough said, ”Rand Paul is singing my song! I love what he’s saying."

Morning Joe's comment is an absolutely inedible comment for a  mainstream commentator to make. And it is about Rand's most absurd statement to date. This is bad, very bad.


  1. Remember, these are the same people that loved what Obama was saying in 2008 and 2012 and then turned a blind eye when Obama did the opposite. Rand knows what Obama does, you just need to say nice sounding things to get the zombies to line up supporting you. If you crave power this is how you get it.

  2. There is nothing to worry about. He is not gonna win.
    As a matter of fact, with this kind of message he is turning his own voting bloc off as well.
    Statist conservatives don't like liberty, but they don't like this lefty sounding crap neither.

    His puppet master is so desperate to come up with something "unique" for him, that more and more his message is a jumbled mess which is neither fish nor fowl.
    Wouldn't surprise me if in the end he bombs like Heaven's Gate.

  3. Who the hell is running Bob Wenzel? Jennifer Rubin?

    1. Heh. That Rand is one strange character.

    2. Why would a libertarian need Jennifer Rubin to make Rand Paul look like an idiot when being a libertarian is more than enough to point out Rand Paul's idiocy?

      Really, just stop trying to reach Rand Paul level stupidity. It's embarrassing. Especially as long as you're hiding behind that cowardly anonymous moniker.

  4. Curious. Brings this to mind: Some years ago, I ran into Joe Scaroborough when he was first running for Congress. This was at the FloraBama Roadhouse -- -- on the state line between Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. He told he was a Republican libertarian along the lines of Ron Paul. Paul was not even in Congress at the time, and was mainly thought of as Dr. No along the lines of a H.R. Gross. I told him he would fit in better at the FloraBama than in Washington DC.

  5. I totally agree, but I can't get passed the embarrassing rhetoric of Rand's speech. A lot of his speeches are just silly and have no bravery as his father's did. At least get a new speech writer.

    To anybody that is 1. a hardcore libertarian or anybody that has gotten tired of lies and 2. will be making a speech after Rand or some opportunity to voice your opinion to the masses: Can you please point out the errors in his speech or somehow confront him on this in front of everybody? To show 1. what Ron Paul has said and taught, 2. to encourage truth in liberty, and 3. to show what a true brave speech that goes against real power sounds like? At least to show a separation between truth and this silliness.

    Thank you.

    I'm not really afraid that people will confuse what liberty's message is. I'm more inclined to think that people will, eventually, just shove it off as wishy-washy.

  6. "This is bad, very bad. "

    Why ?
    Rand has been a fraud since visions of sitting in the oval office popped into his (perhaps artificially covered) head.

    He wants to play the big tent game let him.
    His is not a good freedom messenger.
    Freedom seekers must stop looking to the national scene for help.

  7. "we have to figure out a way to make sure everybody knows that that’s what we’re here for"

    Who's "we" Rand? Oh, that's right....everybody in "charge"...the great central planning committee.

    Sheesh, sell out.