Friday, February 28, 2014

Trouble In Paradise?...Fed's Fisher Blames Congress & The Voters

By, Chris Rossini

Is living off food stamps and disability "benefits" getting you down?

Well, you better get your filthy unemployed hands off that curtain, because there's nothing to see behind it. You and your so-called "representatives" need to get your acts together.

Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher unleashes quite a mouthful in a recent speech:
"If the fiscal and regulatory authorities that you elect and put into office to craft taxes, spending and regulations do not focus their efforts on providing incentives for businesses to expand job-creating capital investment rather than bicker with each other for partisan purposes, our economy will continue to fall short and the middle-income worker will continue being victimized, no matter how much money the Fed prints."
Hopefully the Internet is able to fossilize that statement for future generations. They need to see just how upside-down economic thinking can become. And, obviously, learn to never repeat these horrendous mistakes.

"Fiscal and regulatory authorities" are a nothing but a bane to business and job-creation, unless you're a politically-favored business. "Crafting taxes, spending and regulations" are all business killers. They do nothing but tilt the tables in the favor of some, at the expense of everyone else. "Electing" people to commit these legal crimes does nothing but give a veil of legitimacy to the whole thing.

Business needs to be freed from these shackles, the "incentives" exist in their absence!

I love how Fisher puts the counterfeiting Federal Reserve on a perch. It's as if this institution is trying its best to fix everyone's problems by destroying the value of the currency, but you and your elected boobs are messing everything up.

Bottom line? We don't need the elected "regulatory authorities". The free market is the ultimate regulator. It plays no favorites, bails out no one, and tilts the table in no one's direction. There is no tougher regulator than the free market.

We also don't need the non-elected central planners at The Federal Reserve.

What we need is Liberty.

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  1. "no matter how much money the Fed prints."
    There, they finally admitted exactly what they do.
    Problem is, too many seem to think it is a wonderful undertaking.
    --Go Figure!

  2. The free market plays no favorites? Why do the Koch bros want it so badly? Free market favors people who are very wealthy. It allows them to put their hand in your pocket.

    1. I hope they pay you overtime Jerry, as far as trolling goes you must be the best in the biz.
      The Koch's are for the free market now? I did't think trolls could develop a sense of humor.

  3. You see this "Fed as 'caring' and above the fray of 'greedy & stupid elected politicians" nonsense on financial propaganda sites like Bloomberg that are populated by those within and making a living serving the rentier class. It's actually kind of creepy how many self-identified "progressives" have come to worship so-called "technocratic" and ultimately unaccountable central bankers like Bernanke/Yellen as some sort of God-heads.