Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ron Paul Inc. Exposed

If you haven't yet had a chance to listen to my interview with Dennis Fusaro. Find the time to do so. I have received calls and emails from several top libertarians who believe Dennis has nailed it.

As you will be able to determine by listening to the interview, Dennis is credible and principled.
 What's more, Dennis has personally lost greatly by exposing Ron Paul Inc. He lost his job and has basically been blackballed from the political side of libertarianism. Few are courageous enough to do what Dennis is doing. Most would, and are, taking the money, shutting up and climbing the corrupt ladder.

The full interview is here. 


  1. As a persistent reader of FEC reports, I continue to wonder just why the RP 2012 presidential campaign still pays thousands of $$$ each month to 2 DC law firms. It was true again in 4Q13. What could they be doing at this late date.....On-going FEC investigations, other potentially illegal matters??

    1. Where can we see those reports?


  2. Is there some way to reach out to Ron Paul?

    When looking at the intersection of politics and libertarian philosophy, a good question to ask is "what would Murray Rothbard do?".