Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ron Paul: U.S Should Stay Out of Ukrainian Affairs



  1. RP is misinformed and misguided about Ukraine, and he will become even less relevant with time. Yes one day may be he will audit the Fed. Lost respect for the guy.

    1. Why, anon? Please enlighten us why minding our own business is wrong.

    2. He didn't say you couldn't stick your nose into Ukrainian affairs. Just do it with your own money and leave the rest of us alone.

    3. What is he misinformed about? The US needs to stay out and mind its own business. The exact details of what is going on may be murky, but the solution is certainly not more (or any) US involvement.

    4. Judging you by your post here, you never had any real respect for him in the first place. You sound like a typical neocon who thinks America has business getting involved with Ukraine.

      "EVEN less relevant"... code for "i already thought he wasn't relevant before".

      "Yes one day may be he will audit the Fed." an obvious sneer at the importance of fighting the FED.

      Forget about it. You've never been a fan of his, and instead come off as a nationalist and warmonger. Lost respect? Stop lying, you never had proper respect in the first place.