Friday, February 7, 2014

School Lockdown Drama and the Dangerous Trend of Busybodies on Steroids

More and more, we are seeing the advance of busybodies on steroids and power hungry pipsqueak bureaucrats. They have begun to realize that they have government and militarized police on their side to exercise extreme reaction to non-events. It's occurring in many different ways, from school officials suspending a boy for turning in a TOY gun to the expansion of lockdowns in schools and other venues.
Micah Armantrout emails:

A couple of weeks ago the school I graduated from Southern Adventist University had a lock down claiming there was someone on campus that had made a threat. Only later to find out there was no threat and someone had made a statement about not being able to get his transcripts over to another school (Chattanooga State). From what I understand he said he could go in with a bomb, this was said in jest,according to the person who said it and he immediately apologized in the same conversation. He went to work at the YMCA and then the threat was called in and police stormed the campus and they were on lockdown for 2 hours. Of course no one was on campus that had made the threat. There is a lot more to the story but now they are want to put him in Jail for a min of 3 years


  1. Meanwhile when people really need the state for help, what do they do?....get in the way.

    What I said to Congress today…

    February 7, 2014
    At this moment, we stand at the edge of a precipice. In front of us lies a new medication, a medication that seems like it could be a cure for Duchenne’s. 12 lucky boys have been on this medication for over 120 weeks. There are no side effects. They are not getting worse, they are getting better. Their muscles are no longer wasting away. I know in my heart that if my son could get this medication, his disease might be stabilized. He lung muscles could stay strong, and his heart would keep beating. He might live. Why can’t he get this medication? Despite the FDASIA mandate to accelerate approval for new, breakthrough therapy that show early promise, the FDA is delaying the approval of this drug, and with it, my son’s chance for a therapy that could save his life. As the FDA sifts through paperwork, and more and more bureaucracy, our children are dying. Our children. My son. My beautiful son is dying, while people in offices across the Potomac are sifting through paperwork. By what right can these people delay my son’s access to this medication? By what right?

    1. Good GOD!

      How can anyone read the link and not cry out for our government to be dismantled?

  2. I worked in LA schools. Lockdowns became common place around 2000/2001. The principal with his somber tones orders teachers over the PA to keep the kids in the classroom and to lock doors and windows, that there is some kind of perp on campus. Then a small staff of APs, coordinators, deans, and counselors roam the campus not really looking for the perp but to check the rooms to make sure that doors are locked. Their job was to look for teachers who had not complied. Depending on the day, the weather, the period, these lockdowns could last anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. I've heard other scenarios where schools was on lockdown for half the day and sometimes from lunch into the evening. In each instance never did I see a squad car covering the head of a handcuffed perp as he put a leg in the squad car's back seat. Never did I see a perp nabbed and handcuffed and being walked away. Never did I see pictures in the paper the following day and never did I read a report where the perp was nabbed, tagged, and identified. Somehow, these perps are so slippery. To get verification of the "successes" from such lockdowns I asked one of the APs, who is tasked with scouring the campus, if he'd ever seen anybody in his 15 years being nabbed, cuffed, and led into a squad car. He said no. These lockdowns are implemented about three times a year and they are not soon forgotten. They are indelible reminders of fear-mongering. The fear transfers a greater percentage of authority into the hands of the principal and his thug pals at the local district offices. These events strengthen the principal and administrators vis-a-vis the teachers and students. And puts teachers and any authority they thought they had with the authority-less and powerless teachers. As such, teachers comply more readily on an increasing number of other mandates. Likewise with students. The campus and departments become docile. Resentment and trained helpless spike. Throughout the year, the dean offers one or two speeches about the dangers on campus with kids carrying guns, knives, or some kind of weapon, portraying the campus more as a prison than a school. Instruction turns into management. It's what teachers are evaluated on, for administrators have not a clue about what to expect from an English, Science, Math, or History lesson. They have no way of evaluating except to comment on classroom control. Every administrator's power is enhanced. The rhetoric is set. It's all about management. How do you think that teenager held captive by such policies are going to behave? Like little angels? America and its allies referred to Nazi education as propaganda and our propaganda as education. It is farce, farce intended to expand the power of the cowardly, brutish, and worthless six-figure administrators over the teachers and the students, the two groups who have the least amount of power on campus despite what the unions claim.

  3. There was a lockdown in my neighborhood where a guy stole a bicycle. A dozen squad cars were called plus a K-9 unit because as the bicycle thief was, ahem, speeding away he jumped the fence of a local K-12 Christian school to evade capture. Or so the story ran. The school was in lockdown from lunch to early evening. FOR A BICYCLE THIEF!!! No. These lockdowns are fiction intended for local police to showcase their response time and to make them appear bigger than what their budgets can afford. Lockdowns are an opportunity, like a hologram, for law enforcement to appear bigger and more influential than they really are and then seize larger federal and state budgets as a result. Maybe it's a case where the cops are competing for funds against other public agencies. And the squeaky wheel gets the federal oil.