Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sean Connery Keeps a Promise

Lew Rockwell, today, links to a great Taki story about Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

It brings to mind a story that I have been told about Connery.

A friend of mine is a bit more than a passing acquaintance of Connery. She once had him over to her spectacular New York City apartment for a party. Early in the evening she took out her camera. She wanted to get a picture of herself with Connery, in her apartment. He whispered to her that he couldn't do it at that time because he would have to pose for pictures with the other guests and there were many. He said it could be done after the party was over.

Apparently Connery is a big bear of a man, at least that's the way he appeared to my petite fireball of a friend. As the party was winding down, he came up to her from behind and gave her a big bear hug and whispered to her, "Now."

She was confused, she had forgotten about the picture request she had made early in the evening, but Connery did not and with the crowd dying down he kept his promise and posed for a couple of pictures with my friend.

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