Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So This is How The Crony-Lefty Mayor is Going to Run NYC

It is going to be special privilege for the crony elite 24-7. NyPo reports:
During his mayoral campaign, Bill de Blasio railed against “special favors for well-connected corporations.” But now we’re learning the mayor dispenses his own favors for the well-connected.
Ask Bishop Orlando Findlayter, pastor of the New Hope Christian church in Queens. Findlayter was part of de Blasio’s transition committee and one of his early backers in the African-American community.
Late Monday night, Findlayter was taken into custody following a routine traffic stop when cops found two outstanding warrants against him relating to an earlier civil-disobedience arrest. Because he couldn’t get before an arraignment court in time, he was told he would spend the night in jail.
Local clergy called the mayor — who in turn phoned an official in the NYPD press office to request “clarification.” And the bishop was released for the night.


  1. NYC is a defacto banana republic. Just replace "bananas" with "Wall St. crap" and everything else fits.

  2. The New Yorkers who voted for that commie shithead must be completely stupid.

  3. Time to start putting these assholes behind bars.