Monday, February 17, 2014

What Ron Paul Inc. Really Thinks About Ron Paul Supporters

EPJ has been supplied with the following 2012 email, which discusses a then-lawsuit that was planned by Ron Paul delegates. The Mike Rothfeld referenced is the one that Dennis Fusaro discussed in his recent interview about Ron Paul Inc. Highlights in the below email are mine.
From: "Virginians for Life" <>
Date: June 18, 2012, 6:43:06 PM EDT
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Subject: Ron Paul Delegate's Lawsuit Analysis
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Below is the spot on analysis of the Ron Paul Delegate's lawsuit by my political mentor Mike Rothfeld.

I almost quit politics in the 1990s until I met Mike.

He convinced me that the problem was not politics but me.

I was a well-intentioned part of the problem.

Some of you met Mike in Richmond on Saturday.


No the lawsuit is stupid.
And there isn't that much "corruption."
And the Republican Party damn sure can tell delegates they are bound by primaries and it is none of the feds' freakn business as the party is a PRIVATE organization and makes its own damn rules.  And the delegates ARE bound in states like Virginia, and that IS fair.  So tough shit for poor RP sheeple that can get it through their heads that Ron does NOT command a majority of virtually any demographic.
And I don't believe in electing people of "integrity."
I believe in forcing integrity by having overwhelming numbers.
Sorry for tone, but I am a bit tired of the cwazy wabbits.


  1. While I have to say I'm not surprised given a Youtube posted speech I watched given by Rothfeld to a small contingent of campaign workers-one has to ask, who is to blame for him becoming a part of the RP campaign?

    Let's face it, Rothfeld doesn't appear to be the type of guy to hide his feelings, so one can only assume he was interested in the money...or I suppose at worst simply a Neocon plant sent in to destroy or diffuse the RP impact philosophically on the GOP and help reign in the "crazies" the GOP needed vote wise.

    Regardless, is Tate the man solely responsible for putting him into power? How much did/does Jesse Benton and Rand Paul know about Rothfeld and how much have they embraced Rothfeld's world view?

    I think these are important questions for the minarchists.

  2. For anyone curious, yes, there is plenty of him on YouTube to get a feel for how this character thinks. The following is a long presentation on "The True Nature of Politics," but just searching "Mike Rothfeld" turns up many other, shorter pieces as well:

  3. Guess who feels like a fool for donating to any political campaign? ME

    Guess who won't get fooled again? ME

    1. This is why I have NEVER donated to any political campaign. People need to listen to Rothbard when he says government should be ABOLISHED. PERIOD! It's an anachronism. A superstition. A monopoly of evil.

      It's just that simple.

    2. Mike-

      Donate to or

    3. Of course Fitz. Of course. I said I never donate to POLITICAL campaigns. Thank heavens neither or are political organizations.

  4. At least by referring to RP supporters as "cwazy wabbits" he shows that he self-identifies with Elmer Fudd.

  5. It was evident in January 2008 that the Ron Paul campaign despised the Ron Paul grassroots movement from my perspective because I was talking to the leader of the grassroots in the Phoenix area on a daily basis. This attitude of disdain for the grassroots only hardened as Campaign for Liberty came online in the aftermath of the Republican party disowning Ron Paul throughout the 2008 campaign. I went to the first Campaign for Liberty event in the Phoenix area and it was at that point that I swore I would never lift a finger for Ron Paul at any point in the future.

    When Ron Paul made it clear that he was going to run as a Republican in the 2012 election I disassociated myself from all of my friends in the Ron Paul movement because they could not see that their efforts to remake the philosophy of the Republican party match that of Ron Paul was delusional. Many of my former friends could not accept on any level that the Ron Paul's various campaign efforts and Ron Paul's libertarian philosophy were always two separate entities and could never be reconciled in the reality we live in.

    I watched in horror as the 2012 Ron Paul campaign devolved into a factional entropy that was disgusting to witness, and yet was not unexpected because of the hideous contradictions that are at the heart of Ron Paul himself. Ron Paul's former staffer Penny Freeman has stated in a youtube video that Ron was surrounded by the wrong people as early as 2007, and that his campaign for the Republican nomination was meant as a strictly educational exercise, which is why she quit working for him. She stated that Ron Paul himself never believed in the efficacy of the Ron Paul grassroots movement and in her opinion had been paid to stop believing in the unharnessed power of his most fervent followers.

    In my opinion Ron Paul and Rand Paul have been part of a coordinated effort to keep the Ron Paul grassroots community strictly within the barbed wire confines of the "Republican Reservation" so that group of people can be mined for donor lists and help keep Campaign for Liberty and various other enterprises from withering away.

  6. How about Wenzel and the readers here all tweet this link to anyone and everyone involved with Ron Paul inc who has a twitter account? Especially this guy who wrote the jackass email, but everyone involved seems to be a jackass except Ron himself

  7. "And there isn't that much "corruption."

    LOL!! Know any other good jokes?

  8. It became glaringly obvious to me when he started to catch on in the 2012 summer and the brakes were put on hard, the goal was not to win.

    Without a doubt, part of the rothfeld's plan was to fleece as many as possible. He walked away with 7 million.

    Per Dennis Fusaro, Ron Paul never talked to rothfeld.

    Just because the hiring was delegated to tate, Ron Paul bears responsibility as he had the final say.

    1. From where do you get the 7 million figure?


  9. Even though i would cut Ron Paul some slack (if you can call it that) for being what seems to be terminally naive and trusting, it reaffirms what i've stated a few days ago that it is only for the best that he didn't win, as he has collected around him almost nothing but pure slime, which no doubt would have tarnished any term, and libertarianism along with it. This is why i always agreed with Stefan Molyneux on the matter and could not stand the outrageous and irrational attack of Walter Block on him for not supporting Ron Paul.

    It takes an objective view instead of the worship of people to understand why politicians should NEVER get an uncritical approach, even if his name is Ron Paul, when libertarianism's reputation as a philosophy is on the line.

    However, the slack i would cut Ron Paul i would never cut Rand, because i do not believe for even a fraction of a percent that he is as naive as his father. He knows very well the slime he has surrounded himself with, and from the things he says it is quite obvious he agrees with them too. There are no principles there, just mildly less authoritarian real-politic. And i suspect that deep down inside he may also have the same contempt for grass root Ron Paul supporters, simply because he knows they will not benefit his career.

    The whole Ron Paul campaign for president thing is done; stick a fork in it. The educational value was great, nobody can deny that and we should be grateful to Ron Paul for that, but aside from that it has turned out to generate nothing but a foul stench.

    1. Amen Tony! You are spot on as always: "politicians should NEVER get an uncritical approach."

      I had my moment of awakening in 1988, when for the first and only time in my life I got involved in grass roots electoral politics for the Libertarian party. While I still admire their presidential candidate and what he stood for then (and stands for now), the stench left by the scheming, amoral, callous, manipulative scum who worked for his election alienated me once and forever from political activism.

      At the time I just assumed it was the LP, but in retrospect it's blindingly obvious that when you seek such a prize as the presidency, these bottom feeders will swarm around you no matter your party affiliation. Our present challenge is to find ways to engage people, especially youth, in action for liberty while avoiding the misdirection, utter futility, and inevitable disappointment offered by political campaigns.

    2. Tony,

      I really enjoy your comments. Please keep it up.

      I had no idea Walter Block attacked Stefan Molyneux. I am going to look that up. That's a shame, because those two guys are among my favorite libertarians.

    3. Let me echo Ed to say that your posts are excellent. They're mirror my thoughts but I'm too busy insulting morons to do that. I just simply laugh at the regime and its moronic supporters.

      I have no idea why Ron is so painfully naive. But yes, his campaign was invaluable as an education tool.

    4. @ Ed Ucation

      Here you go:

  10. t all makes sense now. If Ron didn't hire all of those Tates and Rothfelds to muzzle him, it could have turned out like when he first ran for congress and he might have won.

    The thing that stands out that I remember from that Penny Freeman video was her warning Ron about how people would come out of the woodwork and stand in front of tanks if he ran for real.

    I think this scared him. Somehow deep down Ron realized that if he spoke his mind too clearly then people would come out of the woodwork and we'd have a real revolution on our hands.

    So under the guise of "I'm just educating" he hired all of these right wing militarist sympathizers to stifle his educational outreach.

    Ron understood that when he opens his mouth he can't help but say things that make people want to do the next logical thing which is stand in front of a government tank. So he had to hire Benton and Wead and all those dipshits to limit the depth and detail and power of his ideas. He needed them to yank him off the stage with the vaudeville cane and run him off to the next venue where he would only have time to give a generalized stump speech rather than renting the Colosieum for the week and taking questions from everybody and anybody and explaining all details necessary to inspire more people to stand in front of government tanks.

  11. Tony-

    Double AMEN!

    Ron wants to change DC. Saying he was intimidated? BULLSHIT.

  12. @WJHilliard-

    If Ron fomented a revolution embracing civil liberty, around money and skepticism towards the government by 20-80% of voters, he won.


  13. And Ron Paul WON!

    Not the election, but he won the "hearts & minds" of MILLIONS! He converted more people to Austrian libertarianism than anyone..EVER!