Friday, February 7, 2014

What Would a Murray Sabrin Senate Run Look Like?

Murray tells New Jersey's The Rampo News (my highlights)
Sabrin, a native of Germany who immigrated to the United States at age two and became a U.S. citizen at age 12, is an adamant defender of American civil and political rights, which stems from his upbringing as a child of parents who experienced the Holocaust.
“I think my parents’ experience surviving the Holocaust… and learning about that growing up instilled in me the notion that the smaller the government, the better,” said Sabrin. “The more limited the government, the better because then you can’t have atrocities like the Holocaust or gross violations of civil liberties.”
If elected this November, Sabrin plans to implement several changes, including free market economic reforms.
“I think one thing we need to do is to restore free enterprise in this country and abolish crony capitalism,” said Sabrin. “Crony capitalism is what got us in the housing bubble and the housing bust. The Federal Reserve worries more about Wall Street rather than Main Street. The stock market has become dependent on all this quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, which inflates asset values and leads to dislocation of the economy… I would be the guardian of the nation’s money by corralling the Federal Reserve and making sure they don’t engage in quantitative easing.”
Sabrin’s other platform ideas include lowering taxes.
If elected, he said he plans to make “taxes as low as possible so that people can use their income and wealth for their own goals, and business can reinvest funds to expand.”
Sabrin also espoused taking a strong stance regarding recent revelations about the National Security Agency’s spying activities on American citizens.
“I will make sure our civil liberties are protected from the NSA and other government agencies,” said Sabrin.
He also stated a desire to reform American international policy.“I would make sure that we are not the world’s policeman," he said. "In other words, I would do the opposite of what President Obama and Senator Booker support.”

This is how a libertarian candidate should run, none of the hedging that a Rand Paul does, straight-shooting principled libertarian points. Murray may not win on this platform but he will do more to educate the masses about libertarianism than the hedging of the Rand Paul-types and in the long-run this is what is important.

Also, note that Murray talks about lowering taxes not "tax reform." That's the true libertarian position, not the phony tax reform position.


  1. Suck on that, Jerry Sheepgang!

  2. Hooray for Murray! He's run before, if I recall. It's too bad that New Jersey voters are about as statist as they come. Well, maybe not as bad as Connecticut (evil Joe Lieberman) and New York (evil Chuck Schumer and too many others to name) voters, but close.

  3. “taxes as low as possible"

    What a joke. He is clearly not a full Rothbardian. Crucify him!

    1. You're trying to one up Jerry now?

    2. "What a joke. He is clearly not a full Rothbardian."

      Taxes as low as possible would be dependent on his other views, which for a start sound damn libertarian. So as low as possible could be much much lower than they are now.
      See, we don't actually refuse to give libertarians running for office the benefit of the doubt. But they'd have to be, you know, libertarians.

      "Crucify him!"

      Why should we?
      If Sabrin gets to the senate, it sounds like we'd finally have an actual libertarian there, rather than a cheap Reagan knock-off.

    3. You know what amazes me Tony? IS that some of these fools can't even tell the difference between Sabrin and Rand Paul.

  4. Talk by candidates is cheap. They typically change once in office. The problem is the gamed system of Democracy, that need replacement. Probably never happen, and work with the least bad of the worst that run.

  5. "What Would a Murray Sabrin Senate Run Look Like?"

    Another win for Democrats.

    1. So what? You think the Republicans will be any different?

    2. So we have nothing to lose, since the Republicans are no better anyway.

      Good. Let Sabrin run. I couldn't care less what anyone thinks who sees a difference between one group of fascists and another.

  6. How can you run for political office and call yourself a libertarian. The first pay check you receive will violate the NAP.

    1. I used to think like that.

      But there are two considerations.

      1) If the libertarian doesn't get that first pay check; someone else will. The NAP will be violated regardless, because the money has already been taken by the state anyway.
      2) The libertarian (if indeed a libertarian) may actually improve things while the clown who would otherwise take that paycheck would most certainly not. And even if he couldn't improve things, he at least may help bring libertarianism further into the limelight.

      Taking a pay check from government is like stealing from the mafia. The mafia has already stolen the money anyway. You may as well steal it from the mafia to spend on doing something good.