Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who Is Responsible for Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death?

By Laurence Vance

As I have maintained in my many articles on the war on freedom known as the war on drugs, this is also a war on personal responsibility. The case of Philip Seymour Hoffman is a perfect example. I have read in several places that the man who sold Hoffman the drugs should be found and prosecuted. This is ludicrous. Hoffman was successful, famous, and rich–things that many Americans would kill for. Yet, his personal demons were greater than these things. He is the one responsible for his death and his children now being without a father.
For the record, I have rented some of his movies on DVD and thought he was very talented. I liked the guy. But he was still a drug addict who paid the ultimate price for his addiction. And by the way, the war on drugs sure kept Hoffman from buying and using drugs, didn’t it?

The above originally appeared at LewRockwell.com


  1. Why is it "ludricous"? A prosecution for negligent homicide seems appropriate here given that the drug dealer should have known that the fat guy was a drug addict. Drug addicts have to push up the dosage due to their tolerance for the drug. That means an overdose is far more likely.

    1. Why is it necessary to describe him as fat? It appears a prosecution for a hate crime is appropriate here. Intolerant extremists try to minimize the amount of hatered they expose online. That means JerBear is a racist, woman hater, homophobe.

    2. There is no such thing as "negligent homicide" here, troll.
      Drug dealers do not even have a financial interest in seeing addicts die, because it means less clients = less income.

      Furthermore, the addict made a choice. The dealer is not his daddy and is not responsible for the addict's life nor his choices. The dealer did not MAKE him an addict, nor is he the one putting a syringe in the addict's arm or stuffing the white powder up his nose. At best it could possibly be considered a form of assisting with suicide.

      Of course, such a thing (assisting with suicide) would be completely permissible in libertarian society.

      "Drug addicts have to push up the dosage due to their tolerance for the drug. That means an overdose is far more likely. "

      So what? Philip Seymour Hoffman decided to destroy HIMSELF, consciously. Nobody else did.

  2. No one forced him to do drugs,right.
    His own decision,alcohol kills many people,shall we imprison the shopowners selling too,oh i forgot that this is legal.
    Now i am going to have an double cheesburger,an cigarette and then hillclimb.

  3. So donut shops should be prosecuted for negligent homicide when their diabetic customers die due to complications of excessive sugar consumption?

  4. The war on drugs keeps the quality and consistency of Heroin down. The war on drugs killed Hoffman. The actions of the State killed Hoffman. The politicians who created the war on drugs killed Hoffman. The people who voted to give the politicians a monopoly on force killed Hoffman. The system that has been created for us (many of us without our consent) killed Hoffman. The very same system that killed Hoffman may, one day soon, kill all of us.
    A hydrogen bomb of today is a thousand times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima and we have thousands of them. And, they can be used at the whim of politicians. Think nuclear winter, think about the extinction of the human race. Think about creating a system that will prevent that. There is nothing more important you can do.