Saturday, March 22, 2014

BREAKING: Two Grand Juries Looking Into Ron Paul Inc. Aides

EPJ was the first to report that a grand jury in Washington D.C. was investigating matters surrounding Ron Paul Inc aide, Dimitri Kesari (See: EPJ Exclusive: Washington D.C. Grand Jury Investigating Activities Surrounding Ron Paul Inc.) Now, Lee Stranahan reports:
Be on notice: there are currently not one but TWO grand juries looking into illegal election activity connected to Dimitri Kesari, so it’s a name you might want to remember. 
And there is a connection to Mitch McConnell. From Stranahan:

Interestingly enough, Kersari was also paid $70,000 by Mitch McConnell’s campaign in 2013. The money went through a shell corporation  called Hyllus that was tracked to Kersari by Open Secrets back in November:
Kesari did not return emails about yesterday’s story or today’s findings. Jesse Benton, Ron Paul’s grandson-in-law who is running McConnell’s campaign, also did not return an email asking for comment.
Besides the $61,954 paid by the McConnell campaign, the senator’s leadership PAC, Bluegrass Committeealso paid Hyllus $10,145 on Feb. 19 — the same day the campaign paid the firm $7,102.
Stranhan's detailed report is here.

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