Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cato Shrugged Calls for Action Against Russia

In a disjointed essay, Cato Institute senior fellow Doug Bandow conveniently overlooks the U.S. instigated coup in Ukraine to call for U.S. and Western European meddling in the region  and specifically actions against Russia.

Bandow writes:
The West can’t ignore flagrant aggression and is headed toward a “cool war” with Russia...The veneer of legality doesn’t disguise Moscow’s act of war...

While the Russian government deserves to be punished for its bad behavior, there is no chance it will reverse course.  The U.S. and Europeans are heading toward extended confrontation with Russia.



    A much more extensive analysis.

  2. Hmmm, odd that Mr Bandow is down with DC on what Russia did in the Cimea yet on the Scott Horton Show said that North Korea wasn't our problem. he even wrote a book about how treaties get the US in all sorts of bother