Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Charles and David Koch Ranked #6 and #7 On Forbes' Richest People in the World List

Forbes is out with its latest list of the world's richest people. Charles and David Koch come in at #6 and  #7.  Forbes estimates they are each worth $40 billion. Just behind the Koch brothers is neocon Sheldon Adelson with an estimated net worth of $38 billion.

The top ten are:

#1 Bill Gates
$76 Billion

#2 Carlos Slim Helu & family
$72 Billlion

#3 Amancio Ortega
$64 Billion

#4 Warren Buffett
$58,2 Billion

#5 Larry Ellison
$48 Billion

#6 Charles Koch
$40 Billion

#6 David Koch
$40 Billion

#8 Sheldon Adelson
$38 Billion

#9 Christy Walton & family
$36,7 Billion

#10 Jim Walton
$34,7 Billion

It should be remembered that the Koch brothers developed their enormous wealth from applying the economic theories taught by Murray Rothbard (SEE:  How the Koch Brothers Became Billionaires)

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