Thursday, March 20, 2014

Commerce Instead of War...It Irritates The Right People

By, Chris Rossini

Commerce is the ultimate panacea to war.

Watch rabid neocon Jennifer Rubin's response to the EU's choice of commerce, instead of acts of war, against Russia:
Even more troubling, the feckless European Union has decided to do absolutely nothing for now, afraid it might hurt its own economies.
As if that's not bad enough...Rubin then puts on her central planning hat so that she can start allocating natural gas!
That is reason enough for us to begin exporting liquefied natural gas and stepping up support for our allies.
That's how passionately crazed these neocon warmongers are.

Thankfully, commerce has saved the day (for now).

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  1. Not to mention the dingbat's total ignorance with respect to the costs of shipping LNG. I recommend she front the costs associated with her suggestion and we can monitor her success.

  2. Has anyone thought of viewing Conservatives/Neocons as Defense-mongers, yet? Might be worth considering.

    They've heard the Commies in the 60s call their kind "warmongers", so all you're doing is making them think you're Commies.

    Neocons should listen to this free market perspective on the division of labor and cheap imports:

    Defending the Undefendable (Chapter 23: The Importer) by Walter Block