Friday, March 14, 2014

Court Rules in Favor of Human Sacrifice in California

This is what happens when you have government rationing goods and not the market. George Reisman tweets:

From the NYT story:
 An appeals court on Thursday sided with environmentalists over growers and upheld federal guidelines that limit water diversions in order to protect delta smelt. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that a lower court should not have overturned recommendations that the state reduce exports of water to the south from the north. The reduced exports leave more water in the Sacramento Delta for the finger-size delta smelt and have been blamed for exacerbating the effects of drought for humans. Damien Schiff, a lawyer for growers, said the ruling “bodes ill for farmers, farm laborers and millions of other Californians dependent on a reliable water supply.” 


  1. Everytime I end up forgetting about obnoxious environmentalists the bastards give me a great reminder on how scummy they are

  2. I wonder if the same ruling would've been made if it was the NSA needing the water for the Utah spy center. Somehow I doubt it.