Sunday, March 30, 2014

Daily Paul reacts to Benton in the Beast

Ausscyn at Daily Paul writes:

PLEASE go post on this article about Benton, I did!

If only McConnell would LOSE! Benton just has to GO AWAY!!! If he is a key player in Rand's POTUS bid, it's over before it's begun. I can't believe some of the statements Benton makes in here, esp. about the national platform.....

It has always been a heartbreak for us that Benton ever met Ron Paul. When I arrived for the pre-briefing for the platform committee, there were some pages at my seat that detailed concessions that the committee was going to make to Rand Paul. No one else in the room had this sheaf of papers. Why were they left at my seat? I made copies of them & shared them with the rest of the liberty delegates on the platform committee. After the first day of the meeting, we went downstairs in the hotel & there were Benton & John Tate in the sports bar. They greeted our little band of platform people, who were supported by a band of non-members, who did their best to help us, sending text msgs. & furiously writing planks to help us get our ideas to the committee while we met. These people were led by the magnificent Jeremy Blosser of Texas. As we ate dinner in the sports bar that night & strategized for the next day's meeting, Tate & Benton never came over, never asked to help - nada. The next week when we tried to unite to do all we could to nominate Dr. Paul, he was not a part of that process at all. It pains me greatly that he's going to be involved with Rand forever it seems....


  1. If Benton helps ruin Rand Paul's bid, i'm all for it.

    i'm not on the cognitive dissonance bandwagon of apologists who think they can read Rand Paul's mind and determine he is trying to take Republicans for a ride with it still being so obvious that the apologists themselves apparently can see it, while the neocons supposedly cannot.

    If Rand Paul were to win, and is affiliated with libertarianism, i will disavow that term forever. I'm already at that stage anyway considering the kind of people that have "joined up".

  2. Benton is a complete loser, I agree he should just go away. Rand is hardly perfect, and akin to John Turley on the left while not a perfect Murray Rothbard, Rand is a Republican civil libertarian. As an article that comes after this one states libertarianism is only one thing, non aggression. However, other than his father who had awoken a generation & we all owe a huge debt to for having the courage to do what he did, Rand is a very astute politician. Like most Rand bashers, & here there are many, I disagree with Rand of many things. However he doesn't claim to be a purist if libertarian dogma, & bar none is the best step toward freedom that America has seen in a long time. So bash on, but not only do I think he is astute, playing politics, but other than the purely dogmatic of is, Rand will open the door of freedom. Think of all the people Ron brought in to the fold, when people first hear about libertarianism, they either (like myself) gorge themselves on reading & watching/listening to every thing they can find or decide on statism. We can't convince or change everyone, but we can see opportunity to advance Liberty for what it is. Politicians use incrementalism against us, so take it for what it is and I say do the same.