Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Justin Bieber’s Guide on How a Libertarian Should Answer Questions from the Law

The video linked to below is a deposition for a civil case, but Bieber is absolutely brilliant and hilarious in his testimony. He doesn't give up a damn thing to what he must view as a hostile interrogation.

Before this I didn't know much about Bieber. I'm still not even sure if he is an actor, a singer or both, but this testimony is awesome. There are lessons here for libertarians who find themselves in jams with the criminal justice system, don't give up anything! You aren't Bieber, so don't come off with the same attitude, but answer in ways that deliver zero.

This must view video is here. Don't pay attention to the nonsense commentary around the video, just watch the video.


  1. I have to hand it to the kid, he does pretty well for being so young.

    I had my first hostile deposition at 43 years old last summer. I was a little nervous but ended up doing pretty well overall.

    There was really one particular legal point that the entire case hinged on and the opposing attorney kept trying to get me to accede to a leading question on it.

    I simply said, "I'm not ever going to agree to your statement no matter how many times you ask it nor how many different ways you try to put it. If you charge your client to ask me the same question over and over again with the hope of a different answer then I'd say you are ripping him off."

    lol...after I made that statement he moved on to something else for a bit...he got hammered on another issue he wasn't prepped for properly and actually asked me and my attorney if we wanted to "take a break"...lol...we both said "no" and he sat in silence for at least 3 minutes at the table rubbing his temples.

    His last question was to my attorney, "He has to answer the question I've asked him over and over again" to which my attorney replied, "Let me ask it to him another way"...and he did in a manner that didn't hurt me one bit legally...lmao! That was the end of the deposition.

    Depositions are very scary initially if you've never been to one, but saying as little as possible with one word answers is the best...you can get in a shot or two if you are bright enough and get the opposing counsel flustered; they can't force you to say anything you don't want to...they can only compel your presence. But if you're not sure or not good(and I mean good!) on the fly it's best to take your time and answer each question with as short as answer as possible, if at all and if you have a good attorney go slow so he has time to run interference if necessary.

  2. Brilliant? The opposing attorney is a friggin idiot.

    If your point was to advise people to not say anything at a deposition then you could have used a thousand videos of depositions where the defendant was given this advice by their attorney.

    Stupid post Wenzel

  3. He's used to shitting on people. Nothing new. Nothing brave.

  4. What does this have to do with libertarianism? You think private courts/arbitrators would look kindly to parties that show no good will towards discerning the facts about a dispute? You think private insurance/defense agencies would love the costs of defending clients like that?

  5. The whole point is that this is NOT a private court but a state court.
    Therefor your argument is moot.