Monday, March 10, 2014

Leslie Gleb Warns on Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton-Type Posturing on Ukraine

Leslie Gelb, former correspondent for The New York Times and currently President Emeritus and Board Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, in a commentary, has added a bit sanity on Ukraine. I don't agree entirely with Gelb's position, but it is far more constructive then the Russia taunting coming from Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul.

John T. Nelson, Research Associate to Gelb at the Council on Foreign Affairs emailed to alert me to the recent Gelb commentary. Gelb writes, in what I consider the most important part of his essay:
Last but not least are our very own American heroes. Hillary Clinton, of course, hit the jackpot with her comparison of Putin to Hitler (never mind her clarification the next day). This egregious and dangerous pandering to American conservatives and humanitarian interventionists reflected the direction of American politics. Non-stop accusations against Putin and Russia make it increasingly difficult to pursue a sensible foreign policy course.

President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the State Department were not to be outdone by their domestic critics. They preached obedience to constitutions, namely the Ukrainian one, when we often ignore others’ constitutions ourselves. American leaders said nothing, for example, when the Union Republics in the Soviet Union established their independence without a constitutionally required vote in Moscow. As well, the Obama/Kerry clan shouted their devotion to democratic principles and free elections. But wasn’t President Yanukovych chosen in a free and fair election? One heard no American protests about his victory in 2010 or his extra-legal forced departure a few weeks ago. And as for Washington’s record of vigorously and rigorously upholding the territorial integrity of nations, that’s also a load of baloney. President George W. Bush recognized the independence of Kosovo, a province of Serbia, despite previous commitments not to do so and strenuous Russian objections.

No experienced international hand expects the United States or Russia to practice what they preach. To be a great power with far-flung interests of different natures is to invite hypocrisy. But when our leaders, Republicans and Democrats, let their own rank baloney run away with them, serious diplomacy goes down the drain.

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  1. It is telling that a high-ranking member of the CFR is writing such things. One more tidbit that suggests the possibility that the puppets in the US government are perhaps acting in ways no longer approved by the puppet-masters.