Monday, March 10, 2014

Murray Sabrin's Wife: I Am Going On A Cruise, While Murray Campaigns

Florence M. Sabrin emails:

Twelve more days until spring.  I can't wait. Lucky me, I am going on a Caribbean cruise with my best friend and her husband during spring break while Murray will be attending the upcoming county conventions where he hopes to get the local party endorsements for the June 3 primary.  

We were both looking forward to taking this vacation to warm up from the bone chilling winter.  But Murray made a decision to run for the United States Senate so he can begin working to restore our economic freedoms and liberties---not just for us but also especially for your children and grandchildren. 

Murray will be that unequivocal voice in the United States Senate starting in January 2015 for free enterprise and limited government as the next Senator form New Jersey.

For the past three weeks since he first announced his candidacy, I have heard him on the telephone ask his friends and past supporters for their financial help to win the Republican nomination for United States Senate for the opportunity to go one-on-one with Cory Booker in the fall.

After three weeks of campaigning around the state and asking his supporters to step up to the plate, I am utterly underwhelmed and disappointed that his campaign has not raised several hundred thousand dollars from his fellow libertarians and conservatives.  I thought, maybe naively, that his friends want to see dramatic change in Washington D.C. with Murray leading the way in the United States Senate.

I am asking you to support Murray, who is New Jersey’s leading spokesmen and defender of the Bill of Rights, free enterprise and limited government, with a generous contribution today to his campaign.

I know enough about politics to realize that defeating Cory Booker will be an uphill battle, but it will be “mission accomplished" on Election Day, November 2014, if people show their generous support for Murray’s campaign now

Murray has put together his Contract With New Jersey and America. I want to share some of what he will do as a U.S. Senator starting in January 2015. 

Murray will never vote to increase taxes. He will work to cut every federal tax as much as possible. 

Murray will work to end Obamacare and return medical decisions to patients and their physicians and promote the nonprofit sector as the primary method to deal with the uninsured in our communities.

Murray will never vote for a budget that is higher than the previous one.  He will work to reduce the budget year after year to bring it in line with Article I, Sec. 8 of the Constitution.

Murray will work to end the federal government’s spying on the American people. 

Murray will call for an audit of the Federal Reserve. 

Murray will review the Pentagon's budget to make sure that our military expenditures are at levels consistent with the funds needed to protect the American people and our borders. 

And there is more…but for now think about this.

Who do you want in the United States Senate from New Jersey starting in January 2015 to serve the next six years?  To ask this question is to answer it. 

Please be as generous as you can today at to help Murray, my partner for nearly 46 years, make America a better country for all the people. 

I hope you will not disappoint him–or me. Murray is working so hard to win the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate that his heroic efforts deserve your generous support immediately at

Please visit, make a generous donation and read his op-ed about Cory Booker and the press release announcing Ron Paul’s endorsement. 

Best wishes,
Florence M. Sabrin

PS I have begun packing for what was supposed to be our 9 days together in the sun.  I hope when I come back Murray, with your generous support today, will be well on his way to winning the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.   


  1. Florence has her priorities straight!
    It's niiice down here in de Bahamas!!

  2. I just tried to donate three times, and it keeps saying that there is an error.

    I don't usually support politicians, but I've been reading Murray's stuff for nearly 2 decades, and he is another Ron Paul. He would be a powerful voice in the Senate, and this campaign is probably a serious sacrifice of his time and energy.

    If he didn't feel the need to be there, to be the voice of the people who seek freedom and peace, I have no doubt he would run.