Saturday, March 29, 2014

Liberty versus Statism: A Report from Murray Sabrin

Murray Sabrin emails:

On Monday, we will file our petitions in Trenton in order to qualify for the June 3 primary so we can win the GOP US Senate nomination and then take on Cory Booker in the general election.  My campaign manager told me yesterday we will have substantially more than the 1000 signatures required to qualify to be on the ballot.

Although getting on the ballot is an important first goal, to win the primary we need to get our message out to tens of thousands of GOP voters who consistently vote in the primaries. No matter how great my ideas are, no matter how dedicated a staff I have, no matter how much experience I have in promoting the ideas of free enterprise, limited government and civil liberties, voters need to have that information before them.  And that takes financial resources.
Every donation will allow us to reach more voters with our message.  And if we have several hundred thousand dollars in the bank by the end of this month, we will win the GOP primary hands down.

Cory Booker has $1.8 million in his campaign account. If I have several hundred thousand dollars by the end of the month in our campaign account, the media will proclaim me the front-runner and conclude this will be a competitive campaign, the Sabrin/Booker face-off, Liberty versus Statism.


  1. Wait, the battle of liberty versus statism is "won" when a libertarian campaigns to become part of the state?

    1. It's a matter of education.
      Ron Paul helped bring libertarianism into the limelight and helped many people turn to libertarianism. It is not about becoming part of the state.

      The question that matters here is: will the candidate stick to principles, or will he sell them out in order to have a bigger chance at power?

      I get the impression that Sabrin is much more in the mold of Ron Paul than he is of Rand Paul.
      In that case it is simple: If Sabrin doesn't run, someone else will. How are libertarians served by two full blown statists campaigning, instead of one libertarian and one statist?
      Of course, it would be different if he were a statist pretending to be pro-liberty.