Monday, March 24, 2014

Murray Sabrin's Freedom Campaign in NJ Continues

Murray has sent out an email to his followers that reports:
I won the Middlesex County "line" on Saturday, the first one in my column.  I am going to the following conventions this week-- Atlantic County Monday, Somerset County Tuesday and Hunterdon on Thursday.  On March 31 we will file our petitions to get on the ballot for the June 3rd primary.  Circulators are completing their rounds throughout the state to collect more than the 1000 required signatures.

Also, our March Madness Money Bomb will end on March 31.  Our ambitious goal of $1,000,000, if met, will guarantee me the US Senate nomination.  But I believe our prospects are excellent even if we raise as little as $200,000... Your support now will guarantee that a Sabrin-Booker race will occur in the fall, a choice between Liberty vs. Statism.  

I interviewed Murray on his positions two weeks ago: here. He is a pretty hardcore libertarian, listen for yourself..

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