Thursday, March 27, 2014

Neocon Sheldon Adelson Has Managed to Push an Anti-Online Gambling Bill to Congress

Lee Davy writes:
If anybody wondered just how far Sheldon Adelson’s money could push his fight to ban online gambling then you had better keep reading.

Legislation to reverse the Department of Justice’s 2011 decision to unilaterally expand online gambling is currently sitting on the desks of Congress and the Senate...Superman has lasers shooting out of his eyes, Spiderman can shoot webs, Wolverine has claws made out adamantium, and now we have Adelson and his silent but deadly bricks of green.

And those bricks of green could effectively shut down all the progress made by Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, effectively muzzling the excitement before it has even had chance to the hit the flop.

Will they reverse the DOJ’s interpretation?

Not according to most industry experts.

But that’s not really the point is it?

The legislation is there. It’s arrived. Signed, sealed and hand delivered by the South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham...Senator Graham is up for re-election in conservative South Carolina, and these things cost a lot of money.

Now who do you think is the single largest publicly known financial backer of political interest? Who gave $93m to Republican candidates during the 2012 presidential elections, and has vowed to spend even more during the elections of 2016.

Sheldon Adelson.

The super villain who shoots green lumps of cash out of his fingernails. Lumps of cash that were taken from the pockets of humans, who walked into his casinos, gambled and lost.

The same super villain who created the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG), and has vowed to do whatever it takes to put a stop to an industry he believes is ‘fools gold’ is a ‘cancer’ and a ‘train wreck waiting to happen.’

And you never guess who has written the piece of legislation that currently rests with the politicians. The same piece of legislation that mirrors the views of the CSIG.

Darryl Nirenberg, a man who lobbies for Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The same man who has also written a piece of legislation opposing the same alleged wire act transgression for Utah Senator Jason Chaffetz. A bill that is also eerily similar to that of Graham and the CSIG.

And where is Sheldon Adelson whilst the future of online gambling rests in the hands of US politicians. He is busily preparing to sweet talk four potential candidates for presidency at his aircraft hangar in Vegas…over a poker game no less!

And guess whom Adelson and his wife Miriam held a fundraiser for last year.

Yes, you’ve guessed it…Senator Graham.
Here's an absolutely nutty Adelson-funded CSIG anti-online gaming ad that ties online gaming to, LOL, al Queda:

Only a hardcore neocon with huge gambling interests in Las Vegas could tie online gambling with terrorism.

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, owned by Adelson: