Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tyler Cowen Attacker Identified as John Pendleton

Arlington, VA police have identified the man, who peppered sprayed GMU professor Tyler Cowen, as John Pendleton.

A John Pendleton left this comment on Cowen's blog site, Marginal Revolution, earlier this month:

Jonathan Pendleton March 17, 2014 at 4:50 pm
What better place to do prison research than inside a prison?
If the police and FBI won’t arrest you for hacking my computer and sexually harassing me over the past several months, I will do it myself — in the next couple weeks before school starts again. Either way, one of us is going to prison 
I will entertain settlement offers at the email address provided.
Jonathan E Pendleton 
Seattle, Washington


  1. lmao!

    He's a secret freak:

    " I confess to liking the amazing sex pots of the Moche. Produced some 1,500 years ago, these erotic ceramics depict all manner of sexual act, including oral sex, anal sex, threesomes, homosexuality—a real sextravaganza. Alfred Kinsey introduced the sex pots to the West in 1954, writing that the Moche artifacts were “the most frank and detailed document of sexual customs ever left by an ancient people.’’ Hilariously, quite a few archaeologists at the time argued that the pots were symbolic warnings about what not to do!"

    1. That's a quote from Alex Tabarrok, the co-blogger and Marginal Revolution. NY Mag has the citation incorrect.

  2. No WAY was I expecting to read that. How unique is EPJ that it throws in a tabloid for the thinking man every once in a while? I sometimes wonder about those of us who are oriented toward economics...

  3. Hold on. Sexual harassment?

  4. That seems to raise more questions than it answered.

  5. Weird. I remember that comment, I assumed it was some kind of crazy lawfare spam.