Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sabrin TKOs Booker...

Murray emails:
Sabrin TKOs Booker on the economy, civil liberties, and foreign policy

That could be the headline after the first debate in the Sabrin/Booker matchup for the U.S. Senate seat.  After the first debate I will be the front-runner and on my way to the United States Senate.  (Dr. Sabrin Goes to Washington will be the headline the day after the general election in November)  But first things first. I have to win the GOP primary on June 3

Many of us have been speaking out against misguided/counterproductive, to say the least, federal government policies for several decades. The battle for liberty is not easy, that’s why…

I now need your help now to take me over the finish line on June 3. 

In the next 24 hours, I will discuss with my campaign staff, yes we have a campaign staff unlike the other candidates in the field, and decide on the minimum amount we must have in the bank on March 31, the day the nominating petitions are due in Trenton. I already have a figure in mind, one that would virtually guarantee me a victory on June 3

The question you have to ask yourself right now is do I want to see Murray Sabrin in the United States Senate for the next six years working tirelessly to begin dismantling the welfare-warfare state? 

If you do, then please make a contribution today, not tomorrow, not next week, not on March 31, but today, and I will win the primary and I will be on my way to take on Celebrity Cory in the fall.    

In other words, this is a mini “money bomb,” one that will let me know if we will have enough financial support to take the battle to Cory Booker and Barack Obama in the fall.

Today, March 2, would have been the 88th birthday of Murray Rothbard, the greatest free market economist, libertarian philosopher and historian of his age, and probably any age. 

I had the privilege of knowing Prof. Rothbard from 1974, when I invited him to be an “outside” member of my dissertation committee at Rutgers University, until his untimely death in January 1995. Murray had the most profound influence on my intellectual development in past 40 years. You can read his contributions at, where all his great works are available free.

Please make a contribution today,  $88, $188, $288… up to the legal maximum of $2600 to the Sabrin for Senate campaign at

If everyone reading this email makes an average contribution of $188 or more, we will be well on our way of achieving a modest financial goal by the end of March. (I do have a very ambitious fundraising goal in mind, and if we achieve that by March 31 I will guarantee victory against Cory Booker, just like Joe Namath guaranteed victory for the 19-point underdog New York Jets against the “invincible” Baltimore Colts in Super III.)

We have an opportunity this month to make a profound statement about the future direction of this country. By March 31, we could energize hundreds of thousand conservatives and libertarians throughout the country to rally around a cause, one that is greater than any individual and deeply rooted in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” and win a great victory onNovember 4 against Cory Booker and Barack Obama, the most left-wing president and New Jersey U.S. Senator in history.

With your generous contribution today at, together we can begin to restore a free-market economy, protect our civil liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, and end  being the world’s policeman.

Thank you for your previous support and I look forward to your continued support.

Best wishes,

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