Sunday, March 2, 2014

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: "The future of the United States is tied to the future of Israel."

Below are the remarks of US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew before the 2014 Policy Conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC) These are clearly the remarks of the banker for the Empire. It should be noted that Lew's remarks on Ukraine appear to be in line with those of Rand Paul and though Lew's comments clearly show that he considers Israel as the 51st, and most important state, his views on sanctions are more moderate than those of Rand.

Read the remarks only if you have a strong stomach. Note the re-introduction of the IMF as key financial enforcer. During a stop over in SF, Lew admitted that the  IMF is a tool of the US (See:Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Ukraine, Bitcoin, the IMF and a New Nudge-Type IRA) (My bold)

 I want to thank President Kassen, incoming President Cohen, the Board of Directors, and everyone for inviting me here today.  There are so many familiar faces in this room—friends of many years from my time in Washington, New York, and around the country.  It is truly wonderful to be with you.

Before turning to the focus of my remarks, let me say that we are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine with grave concern.  As President Obama told President Putin yesterday, Russia’s clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity is a breach of international law.  I have spoken several times to the Ukrainian Prime Minister who assures me that the government is prepared to take the necessary steps to build a secure economic foundation, including urgently needed market reforms that will restore financial stability, unleash economic potential, and allow Ukraine’s people to better achieve their economic aspirations.

The United States is prepared to work with its bilateral and multilateral partners to provide as much support as Ukraine needs to restore financial stability and return to economic growth, if the new government implements the necessary reforms.

An IMF program should be the centerpiece of the international assistance package, and the United States is prepared to supplement IMF support in order to make successful reform implementation more likely and to cushion the impact of needed reforms on vulnerable Ukrainians.

Now the reason we are all here is because for more than 40 years, AIPAC has been the indispensable leader in keeping the alliance between the United States and Israel unbreakable.  And you have done that through your powerful example of advocacy and activism—you make your voices heard, you take your case to your representatives here in Washington, and you stand up for what you believe in.  This is not just your right as Americans.  It is your responsibility.  It is the essence of our democratic system.

And as everyone here recognizes, the future of the United States is tied to the future of Israel.  This is something that every President since Harry Truman has understood.

In fact, in 1948, it took President Truman only 11 minutes to recognize the Jewish state of Israel.  And from then on, the American-Israel relationship has not been a Democratic cause or a Republican cause, it has been an American cause.

President Obama has remained true to this proud legacy since the first day he took office, and he has made it clear that for him and for this Administration, America's commitment to Israel is ironclad.  As he said as President-elect, before he even took office: “Israel’s security is sacrosanct. It is nonnegotiable.”  And he has never wavered from that position.

Like the President, Israel’s security is not only a public policy conviction for me, it is a personal one.  As many of you know, no one grew up with a deeper appreciation for the state of Israel than I did.  And I have no doubt that a strong and secure Israel is vital to America’s strength and America’s security.

As we meet, America’s support for Israel’s security has never been stronger.  And over the next three days, you’re going to hear about all the things that the Administration is doing to advance Israel’s security—from promoting a lasting peace with the Palestinians to preserving Israel’s military edge so it can protect itself against any threat.

Today, I will discuss one of the most pressing national security concerns for Israel and the United States—and that is Iran’s nuclear program.

Let us not forget that when President Obama took office, Iran was strengthening its position throughout the region and the international community was unable to provide a unified response.  But because of President Obama’s leadership, Congressional actions, American diplomacy, which AIPAC has supported, we put in place a historic sanctions regime and Iran now finds itself under the greatest economic and financial pressure any country has ever experienced.

Initially, many claimed sanctions on Iran would never work, but we have proven exactly the opposite. From the beginning, this sanctions program has had one purpose: Persuade Iran to abandon its pursuit of a nuclear weapon.  There can be no alternative.

To be clear, we never imposed sanctions just for the sake of imposing sanctions.  We did it to isolate Iran and sharpen the choice for the regime in Tehran.  And we did it by bringing the community of nations together.  We are talking about China, Russia, India, Japan, Europe, Canada, South Korea, and the list goes on.

Having the international community united in opposition to Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon made an enormous difference.

We now have in place the most sweeping, most powerful, most innovative, and most comprehensive sanctions regime in history.  And because of the impact of these unprecedented, international sanctions, Iran finally came to the negotiating table seeking relief and fully aware that to get relief, it had to take concrete steps to curtail its nuclear program.  Those negotiations led to the Joint Plan of Action, which went into effect in January.

Today, for the first time in a decade, progress on Iran’s nuclear program has been halted and key elements have been rolled back.

The temporary deal struck in Geneva provides us with a six-month diplomatic window to try to hammer out a comprehensive, long-term resolution, without fear that Iran, in the meantime, will advance its nuclear program.  Now, I want to emphasize something: Before we agree to any comprehensive deal, Iran will have to provide real proof that its nuclear program, whatever it consists of, is—and will remain—exclusively peaceful.

This deal will only be acceptable if we are certain that Iran could not threaten Israel or any other nation with a nuclear weapon.

Yet make no mistake: Even as we pursue diplomacy, and even as we deliver on our commitments to provide limited sanctions relief, the vast majority of our sanctions remain firmly in place.  Right now, these sanctions are imposing the kind of intense economic pressure that continues to provide a powerful incentive for Iran to negotiate.  And we have sent the very clear signal to the leadership in Tehran that if these talks do not succeed, then we are prepared to impose additional sanctions on Iran and that all options remain on the table to block Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

We are under no illusions about who we are dealing with.  Iran has threatened Israel’s very existence, supports terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, and has failed to live up to its promises in the past.

Still, it is critically important that we give negotiations, backed by continuing economic pressure, a chance to succeed.  I have sat with two presidents as they weighed the enormous decision to send men and women into harm’s way to protect our nation.  And while all options must remain available, I believe it is our responsibility to do as much as we reasonably can to reserve force as a last option.

This is as much a strategic obligation as it is a moral one.  You see, maintaining the sanctions regime that has crippled Iran’s economy requires international cooperation.  No amount of U.S. sanctions would have the same crippling power as this international effort.  For other nations to continue to remain steadfast with us, they need to know that we have given negotiations every chance to succeed.  And if the moment comes when we have to use force, the whole world needs to understand that we did everything possible to achieve change through diplomacy.

To that end, we do not believe that now is the time to adopt new sanctions legislation.  We do not need new sanctions now – the sanctions in place are working to bring Iran to the negotiating table and passing new sanctions now could derail the talks that are underway and splinter the international cooperation that has made our sanctions regime so effective.  But as I have said, and as President Obama has said, we continue to consult closely with Congress, and if these talks fail, we will be the first to seek even tougher sanctions.

Now, in the next two days or so, you may hear some say that the very narrow relief in the interim agreement has unraveled the sanctions regime or eased the chokehold on Iran’s economy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  And I want to take a few moments to go through a few basic facts.

The Treasury Department, which administers and enforces the sanctions, monitors the numbers carefully.  And when you consider the ongoing sanctions that remain in place, the temporary, targeted, and reversible sanctions relief is extremely limited—totaling an estimated $7 billion.  To put that into context, during the same six month period, Iran will lose roughly $30 billion in oil sales alone from the sanctions that remain in place.

Put simply, this relief will not enable Iran’s economy to recover from the deep economic damage inflicted by the sanctions program.  The bulk of this relief does not come from suspending sanctions on economic activity like manufacturing or exports.  It comes from the measured release of Iran’s own funds that are now impounded in overseas banks.  The fact is, because of years of sanctions enforcement, Iran has about $100 billion locked up in overseas banks.  The interim agreement allows Iran to access $4.2 billion of these funds.

I want to underscore that Iran’s access to this limited relief is neither immediate nor instantaneous.  It will be provided in separate installments on a rolling basis over the six-month period of the Joint Plan, and it will only flow if Iran demonstrates week by week that it continues to comply with its agreement to freeze and rollback its enrichment program.

Other measures amount to less than $2 billion -- the limited suspension of sanctions on the export of plastics, the import of parts for Iran’s automotive sector, and tuition assistance for students studying abroad.  And the core architecture that makes the program work, oil and financial sanctions, remains in effect fully.

If at any point Iran fails to fulfill its commitments under the Joint Plan, the money will stop, and the suspended sanctions will snap right back into place.  And when the six-month deal expires, so does the relief.

The bottom-line is: Promises are not enough—Iran must meet its obligations.  This is not a case of trust and verify.  This is a case of verify everything.

No matter what, Iran’s economy will continue to feel severe economic pressure from our ongoing sanctions regime.  For example, our oil sanctions that remain in place have forced Iran’s oil exports to drop by more than 60 percent over the last two years. And we will continue to enforce them.

All told, the crushing sanctions have deeply damaged economic conditions in Iran. There are four key indicators that tell the whole story: first, last year the economy shrunk by 6 percent and it is expected to shrink again this year; second, the value of its currency, the rial, has plummeted, having lost about 60 percent of its value against the dollar; third, the unemployment rate is over 15 percent; and finally, the inflation rate is about 30 percent, one of the highest in the world.
The economic sanctions have crippled Iran’s economy on many fronts.

Claims that Iran’s economy is undergoing a recovery because of the Joint Plan of Action are just plain wrong.  After the election of President Rouhani last June, and well before the Joint Plan took effect, there was a slight drop in the country’s very high inflation rate and small improvements in other economic indicators.  This was due to a wave of public optimism that greeted the election of a new president, the appointment of a more capable economic team, and the hope that a deal to lift sanctions would soon materialize.

But the slight improvements in these indicators only mean that a badly wounded economy is not getting worse.  It does not mean the economy is getting better.  And it certainly does not mean that the Joint Plan has led to a recovery.

Further, if Iran fails to reach a deal with us, business and consumer confidence will quickly erode as will many of the gains the economy has seen over the last few months.

Iran’s economy suffered a serious blow from sanctions, and the impact of sanctions is not being reversed.  Iran’s economy remains in the same state of distress that brought the government to the table in the first place.  Imagine how any economy would feel, if, by a recovery, it meant leveling off at the bottom of a recession.  That is what is happening in Iran today.

There is no question that the relief provided under the six-month plan will not steer Iran’s economy to a real recovery.  It is a drop in the bucket.  In fact, there will be a net deepening of the impact of sanctions when you consider the new damage that will be inflicted like the $30 billion in additional lost oil sales.

What this relief will do is give the people of Iran and their leaders a small taste of how things could improve if they were to take the steps necessary to join the community of nations.  This is a choice for Iran to make. If it wants to pull its economy out of the deep hole it is in, it must remove any doubt that its nuclear program is peaceful and come to a comprehensive agreement with the international community.  Until then, we will remain steadfast in our enforcement of U.S. and international sanctions.

Now, when I say we remain firm in our enforcement of sanctions, these are not just words, we are talking about action.  For instance, shortly after the Joint Plan went into effect, we moved against more than 30 Iran-related entities and individuals around the globe for evading U.S. sanctions, for aiding Iranian nuclear and missile proliferation, and for supporting terrorism.  As President Obama recently said, if anyone, anywhere engages in unauthorized economic activity with Tehran, the United States will—and I quote—“come down on them like a ton of bricks.”

I have personally delivered that message to hundreds of business and banking executives in America and around the world, and we are in regular contact with our international partners—including Israel—to sustain the pressure on Iran’s government.

On top of that, our enforcement officials at the Treasury Department who have been responsible for crafting and implementing this historic sanctions regime have been traveling around the world and putting their expertise and unremitting effort to bear to keep Iran isolated.

Even though I have said this before, it bears repeating: Iran is not open for business. Have no doubt, we are well aware that business people have been talking to the Iranians. We have been very clear that the moment those talks turn into improper deals, we will respond with speed and force.  Anyone who violates our sanctions will face severe penalties. Our vigilance has not, cannot, and will not falter.

In closing, let me say, this is a time of great uncertainty.  But during difficult times like these, the bonds between the United States and Israel do not grow weaker, they grow stronger.

The U.S.-Israel relationship, which is rooted in our shared story of people yearning to be masters of their own destiny, is as vibrant as ever.  And that vibrancy is very much on display here.  As I look out across this room, I am reminded of how every year hundreds of young people come to this conference from every corner of the United States.  They travel to our nation’s capital because of their boundless hope, their sense of duty, and their unshakeable belief that the future can be brighter, better, more prosperous and more secure.  And I am confident that by all of us working together, we can make that happen.

Thank you.


  1. Can we get rid of these Israeli worshiping parasites (aka, politicians) please?

    1. Oops. The word should be "Israel" not "Israeli".

    2. Anti-semantic! Anti-semantic! Anti-semantic!

    3. re: "anti-semantic"...Best. Pun. Ever.

  2. Does Jack Lew have dual citizenship? No answer from mainstream media sources, but there are a number of websites indicating this to be the case.

    For a Jewish take on Lew's Presidential appointment:

  3. Ah, AIPAC time. Expect most of Congress to speak or drop by, as will many White House members. Jack, you left out Israel's decades of illegal settlements and going to war with its direct neighbors every few years.

    1. And not a word will be reported regarding AIPAC on NPR or any other tentacle of our mainstream media. Why is that?

    2. The friends of Zion own our politicians and the mainstream media, too; especially 'government media' like NPR. It's a closed system now.

  4. Its a very odd speech, seemingly about the enemies of DC but says much more about them, on the surface calm and assured of purpose yet aware of the worn tools and resources spread way too thin on fripperies. its a 'I know the road is hard but if we stop look at what we will loose"

  5. "Lew is an Orthodox Jew who observes the Jewish Sabbath and attends Congregation Beth Sholom." Wikipedia

    And you are surprised because...

    1. Because real men want to go to Tel Aviv?

  6. "What this relief will do is give the people of Iran and their leaders a small taste of how things could improve if they were to take the steps necessary to join the community of nations."
    Like a divorce rate of 59% versus Iran's current 0.12%?
    Like teaching grade-school children the joys of anal sex?
    Like owing a banker 240,000 dollars upon birth?
    For the sake of worldwide decency, I hope Iran continues to resist Jack Lew's "taste" of the community of nations.
    Evil SOB.

    1. You left out the joy of compound interest.

    2. I wonder if Iranians are forced to "taste", at the business end of a gun, a ridiculously expensive health insurance policy?

  7. Nice work Monica Lew.....

  8. It's good that American politiicans, put Israel, FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD and just utilize the USA as a tool to provide soldiers to die, and money for bombs.

  9. Today it's Iran....tomorrow? out China.....

  10. When I read the 1st sentence, last paragraph, I thought I was reading 'The Onion'. Talk about hypocritical double speak.
    "The U.S.-Israel relationship, which is rooted in our shared story of people yearning to be masters of their own destiny, is as vibrant as ever." Yeah…great for the U.S. and Israel. But, to control your own destiny is verboten if any other country.

  11. I am sick and tired of American officials whose salraies are paid by American tax dollars obsessed with @#%$ing Israel! America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third. Mr. Lew; if you are all that concerned with Israel's future KINDLY MOVE THERE! I am certain we could take up a collection among Americans to pay for a one-way ticket.

    1. LOL!! That'll be the day. A tapeworm that has to go out into the world and earn its own way. Yeahhh, riiiiight.

  12. Is Jack Lew an Israeli citizen? Is he Secretary of the Treasury for Israel or for the USA? I don't see the US and Israel as "sister nations" or anything of the kind. Israel has a bizarre sway over the US and I can't figure it out other than some kind of blackmail. Nothing else could explain the slobbering fealty we see displayed by US politicians.

    1. He's a treasonous Orthodox Jew. His true loyalty is only toward his own ethnic group/religion.

    2. **"Israel has a bizarre sway over the US and I can't figure it out other than some kind of blackmail. Nothing else could explain the slobbering fealty we see displayed by US politicians."**

      LOL. There's no deep mystery. It's money and our political system being bought and paid for by some very moneyed interests in the Jewish community. They also have become very powerful in the media and entertainment industries. Look at who was just cast as Lex Luthor. LOL. It wasn't exactly because he was the best aesthetic fit available. Same deal with the entire career of Shia LeBeouf.

  13. When are we going to wake up?

    As a supposed ally, we receive nothing in exchange for the 3+ $billion annual foreign aid, the transfer of our military weapons at bargain basement prices, and our blood and treasure wasted fighting Israel's enemies (virtually all of their neighbors) while Israel spies on us, steals our secrets (and sells them at times) steals enriched nuclear material from us, and has even attacked us, (Google "USS Liberty)

    They have infiltrated our government with hundreds of dual citizenship bureaucrats., and guide us like a puppet on a string to do their bidding. Our wanna-be presidents, senators and congressmen prostrate themselves before AIPAC, with promises of eternal allegiance to Israel.

    Enough already. No wonder we have so much trouble with the Muslim countries, they see us for what we are - a Tool of Israel, their avowed enemy.

    1. You forgot to mention 9/11/011 ! The high fivers, arrested on 9/11 trying to enter the GWB to pick up there buddies who were about to leave an Urban Moving Systems van, packed with explosives, on the bridge ! Arrested and held for 72 days in NYC jails where they failed multiple lie detector tests, Then were released by high level bush officials back to Israel where they appeared on a talk show, admitting fore knowledge, by saying that they were there to "document the event"! It appears that they were going to document the event with high explosives!!!

    2. OK, that's true, but you forgot to mention "Lucky" Larry Silverstein, best buddies with Bibi Netanyahu, who called each other on a weekly basis.

      "Lucky" who was a high rise commercial property mogul, who was intimately knowledgeable of all the commercial properties in Manhattan.

      "Lucky", who decided to take possession of the WTC1 and WTC2 just 2 months before 9/11, to go with WTC7 which he already owned, in spite of the fact the towers were chronically under rented, were more expensive per sq ft than the surrounding office buildings, were in desperate need of HVAC and electrical upgrades, needed complete elevator overhauls, oh, and by the way, there was ASBESTOS coating the steel girders that were going to have to be remediated at some incredible cost.

      Then he immediately insured them to the hilt with a double terrorism rider. What an totally idiotic investment for such a brilliant commercial real estate mogul. The only way he could not lost his shirt and yarmulke was if those buildings were somehow completely destroyed, and especially by an act of terrorism.

      And holy crap, guess what happened next?

    3. You forgot who that "high level Bush official" was, the second director of HLC and criminal division head at the Justice Department... and... DA DA! an Israeli dual citizen, Michael Chertoff. Who just happened to be in the place needed to keep any criminal discovery early from happening and in the key spot to shut down patriots at the FBI and he did.

      Read Christopher Bollyn's book on his website, from his articles at the America Free Press written during and through the proceeding years after 911 and he did...unraveled the plot. THE AFP stabbed him him in the back in the end as he was being prosecuted.

      Chris a well known journalist, was arrested on his lawn in a suburb of Chicago I beleive and after being assaulted for no apparent reason in front of his children and wife... three officers put a knee in his back while his face was forced into the ground THEN they tazered him at the base of the spine.

      He was charged with... "resisting arrest."

      A Zionist controlled Chicago mob judge forced him to flee the country and he now lives in Europe. Support him by buying his book on his site but... he also has allowed anyone to download it in .pdf .
      His book leaves NO DOUBT about the who as the operational entity behind 911 and his book is the most readable and relatively small at about 200 pages.

      But... we have to all realize that thousands of none Ashkenazi, bureaucrats, military officers, CIA and other agencies, FBI and the Justice Department and politicians and dual citizen helpers... either assisted, helped in some way or actively took part in the coverup... including, through the years, assassinations.

      We reached a tipping point when the OK City bombing was allowed to happen without an open investigation... its purpose was the targeting of all people in the USA (Northern European whites especially) and was the first act of the 911 coup... it was a necessary run up to 911 and the gradual dissolution of the Constitution of the USA since, as well as the domestic security apparatus put in place since 911.

      This was literally a Coup d'e' tat... but in historical terms the first act of that coup was the 1913 treasonous U.S. hidden government and WASP Illuminist elites payoff at the expense the American Revolution and the use of the USA taxpayer as paymaster for both WW1 and WW2, really the same war... please see the book by Reed below. The Second act was... the JFK assassination.

      Remember the entity uses anyone who will help in the final goal and desired outcome... which the article above shows we are now living.

      For the historical framing of this, please read "The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed.

    4. And guess who Michael Chertoff put on the pay roll as a security consultant? Non other than the former head of the East German Stasi Markus Wolf also a Jew.

  14. "We are taxed in our bread and our wine, in our incomes and our investments, on our land and on our property not only for base creatures who do not deserve the name of men, but for foreign nations, complaisant nations who will bow to us and accept our largesse and promise us to assist in the keeping of the peace - these mendicant nations who will destroy us when we show a moment of weakness or our treasury is bare, and surely it is becoming bare! We are taxed to maintain legions on their soil, in the name of law and order and the Pax Romana, a document which will fall into dust when it pleases our allies and our vassals. We keep them in precarious balance only with our gold. Is the heart blood of our nation worth these? Were they bound to us with ties of love, they would not ask our gold. They take our very flesh, and they hate and despise us. And who shall say we are worthy of more? ... When a government becomes powerful it is destructive, extravagant and violent; it is an usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and deprives honorable men of their substance, for votes with which to perpetuate itself."
    -- Cicero, 54 B.C.

  15. He left out the "or else" part.
    You know, or else "terrorists" will strike.

  16. More evidence of dual loyalty from Orthodox Jew Jack Lew. Jack, Israel is your true home, so please go and live there...permanently.

  17. It would appear that Mr. Lew's credibility ain't worth thirty pieces of silver...

  18. What nitwit comments. Do you truly imagine that U.S support for Israel is based on the government's love for the Jews or for Israel? The U.S.-Israel alliance serves mutual interests.

    Israel depends on American protection and access to American markets. In return, the U.S. gets some of the best intelligence available about those international interests that mean the U.S.and Americans harm whether there's an Israel or there's no Israel; a convenient outpost for the potential delivery of deadly chemical and biological weapons if and when it should come to that; a financial conduit not otherwise available in that part of the world; a way station in The Great Game of competition for world energy supplies.

    Where do you think Israel gets its oil and gas? From Iran. Who do you suppose is Israel's primary, non-Western trading partner? What deals -- sanctions, oh my -- do you suppose are in effect between Israel, Hezbollah, Turkey and no! Iran? How much do any of you know about the ins and outs of Middle Eastern culture or why so many of those folks think that Americans are like way stupid? Truman was an anti-semite yet it took him "11 mintues" to recognize Israel's existence in May, 1948. Do you suppose he did this out of love for the Jews?

    Bash the Jews all you want but don't be idiots.

    1. Really? Well here is some intelligence I'd like:

      1) Who in Israel decided to bomb the USS Liberty after it had been identified in the water by Israeli Jets over an hour before the (terrorist) attack Began?

      2) How, exactly, is going to war with Iran, one of the largest Oil Producing countries, going to help the United States obtain lower cost Petroleum products?

      3) Why does Israel continue to occupy lands in East Jerusalem using guns, which not even the U.N. doesn't condone?

      It's relatively obvious to the people that Israel is the DEFINITION of a terrorist state.

      As for Real Americans reading this post:

      If you want to start making a dent in U.S. Politics, VOTE THEM OUT, not in. No matter who is running for election, vote for the Libertarian or "the other guy".

      Once the slates start getting wiped clean, we might start to get results. Until we start getting rid of the established Thieves, excuse me, politicians, we will not see progress.

      One last question to all Americans:

      Our Flag has 50 5 pointed stars. Why does our passport have the star of david on it, using 5 pointed stars as the dot matrix to draw the star of david. The message appears to be that the US is exists to support and enable Israel. Symbols are very important. This might seem small at first. But not if you think about it.....

    2. " Truman was an anti-semite yet it took him "11 mintues" to recognize Israel's existence in May, 1948. Do you suppose he did this out of love for the Jews? "

      No he did it because he was corrupt and sold his soul to the devil to win the election.

  19. The simple fact of the matter is that, on average, Ashkenazi Jews are a lot smarter than any other racial or ethnic group, average IQ about 120. This intellectual superiority enables them rise to the top professionally, politically, and influentually. They routinely terrorize our entire political class in regard to our Middle East policies, with potentially unpleasant consequences for our nation, though this has been largely reduced as a threat by our potential exploitation of our virtually unlimited shale-oil reserves. The real problem with Jews in this or any other country is that their primary loyalty lies mainly with the clan and not with the host country. This was also true of Italian and Irish immigrant initially, though they eventually assimilated. Jews more typically remain a nation unto themselves, invariably a highly productive and contributing nation, but a separate nation nonetheless. On balance, I would say that their contributions to our country have far outweighed the costs, which are mainly irritations, that they impose on us.

    1. No. Ashkenazhi Jews are not much smarter. Their IQ edge is primarily verbal and amounts to about 10 pts. Their spatial visualization IQ is significantly below average. In science they excel in math and certain kinds of abstract language related areas. They are total losers in areas that require concrete, hands-on types of thinking. That's why there are extremely few Jewish Olympic medal winners. Just look at the difference in numbers of Olympic medal between Norway and Israel. In any mano-a-mano conflict they will always lose. Their methodology is taken from David and Goliath, i.e., don't compete on a manly basis, instead attack the enemy's head from a distance.

      They are successful because they have:

      1) An inherent predilection for dominating others. Not all of them manifest it, but when it emerges, watch out.
      2) Strong verbal skills
      3) A strong sense of victimization and that they do not belong to the mainstream or native ethnic group. This absolves them of treating non-Jews in a moral fashion, should it be necessary. Again, I've seen this repeatedly.
      4) Tremendous loyalty to other Jews, who they recognize as their kin. Gentiles do not have this automatic loyalty to their own.

      There are many distinct Jewish characteristics. The most striking is their fascination with scatology. I can't tell you how many times I have seen respectable, straight cut Jews - out of the blue - make scatological comments. You simply don't see this kind of behaviour from the Gentile community.

  20. If you can find a moderate way to inform some people you know about who controls the U.S. government and they tell people they know a tipping point will come. The trick is to do it in a way that doesn't cause them to think you're a nut. The non-gentile media and educational systems have been conditioning them for 40 years.