Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tea Partiers Blame McConnell For Judge Advancing Government Invovement in Gay Marriage In KY

The Senate Conservatives Fund released a new radio ad Tuesday attacking  Mitch McConnell for recommending a federal judge that recently ruled Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages performed by governments in other states.

The ad will run statewide starting Tuesday. SCF is spending $29,130 on the ad. The ad was released the same day that Kentucky's attorney general said he would not appeal Heyburn's order to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.


  1. Are the Tea Partiers forgetting he voted for a clean debt ceiling increase TWO WEEKS AGO!? Of all issues...

    1. Of course the country needed to go through that charade again. Let's pretend Congress will not pay for the spending Congress approved.

    2. Exactly. Drop the financial issues and take on the easier ones - which they're totally wrong on. It's because the conservative Right, specifically, the Christian Right, why our country is going down the toilet and fiscal conservatives can never get any real momentum against issues like the debt ceiling. They're all distracted by stupid things. It's not gay people that are going to kill you and your kids; it's this debt.

      Why do I have this feeling this Tea Party group is nothing but an imposter? They know the cons are stupid enough to fall for social issues like a girl and some teen tabloid website.

  2. Judge advancing govt involvement in marriage? The judge was following Article IV, Section 2, Clause 1 of the US Constitution.

    Funny how the Constitutions is so dear to the Tea Party until it is followed.

    Of course the rednecks will find some obscure quote from Jefferson which would not require the judge to respect a contract that is legal in another state.

    1. Hell must have frozen over because JW is correct. However, there are two parts to "gay marriage". One is the contract between the parties, the other is how other people respond or must respond to that contract. I don't think private parties have any duty to respond to a "gay marriage" contract at all.

      However, the binding contract between the parties must be recognized and enforced in the courts of all the other states which might have jurisdiction over the parties due to the "Full faith and credit" clause generally due to their presence or the presence of their property in the forum state. Similarly, a state where gambling is banned must enforce a valid Nevada gambling debt contract.

      Did I mention that on Tea Party talk radio today, Obama is Neville Chamberlain? Those tea partiers are as sharp as a knife.

  3. What's with the osbession with these "conservative social issues" crap. People.....look....the toothpaste is NOT going back in the bottle. Let's concern ourselves with something that's just a tincy wincy bit bigger of a problem right now ok? You know, like mass inflation, the next crash, and maybe even the destruction of the economy? No one is going to give a shit about gay marriage here eventually.

  4. This reminds me of the sad old Republican Party defenders who claim that NOT ONE republican voted for ObamaCare.
    I counter that this is a lie.
    They only needed one and his name was John Roberts.
    I sincerely have come to believe that Repugs are stupider than Demos.