Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Bitcoin Comics: Give Me All Your Cash

Dave Burns emails:

Haha, even Cyanide & Happiness - one of the most irreverent comics on the Internet - knows bitcoin is in trouble!


  1. Yes, all of this is quite funny! Cause no bank has EVER gone under and taken it depositors cash with it. I find that Bitcoin gets attacked for all the same flaws that digital fiat currency has. Crypto Currencies are not going away. While the dogs are busy eating the flesh from the Bitcoin carcase a new digital currency will simply take the out flowing monetary energy. It s a game of Whack a Mole!

    1. That's the lesser of two evils argument bitcoiners always. Unbacked money is unsound no matter who issues it. Government can force use- not a good thing but effective.

      Inventing currency out of a computer and limiting its supply doesn't make nothing something.

  2. I'm a major Bitcoin fan and I LOL'd at this. C&H is awesome.