Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Elites Tend to Telegraph and Prepare the Intellectual Business Class Before They Pounce

Pulled from the comments to this post: Understanding the Koch-Funded Organizations that are Pushing for Action Against Russia:
This is actually a cogent and accurate analysis. I'm a senior attorney at a large international law firm (the largest actually) and represent energy companies. The majors dedicate tremendous resources to lobbying for the exports of gas, which in a vacuum, would be a good free market thing to do.

But of course the Koch-circle wants to additionally cripple the competition with sanctions, much like Rockefeller. These anti-Russian measures have been openly discussed by former senators, CEOs and trade groups even before the Crimea crisis at industry events and speeches in the energy industry that are focused on the majors and large independents (not the type of independents I represent who do not play this game). I was at one in DC just this past year.

In the usual pattern, the elites tend to telegraph and prepare the intellectual business class before they pounce in response to the next opportunity.


  1. Cui bono. Just follow the money... Our fascist system at work!

  2. I'd Rather See Bernanke's Meeting Schedule That's Not Reported

    It was widely reported the other day when Bernanke gave a speech in Abu Dhabi for which he was paid $250,000.

    And someone sent me an article today reporting that Bernanke will conduct a meeting with 8 hedge fund titans for another $250k plus he will be doing a speech in Turkey for $300k (article link).

    At least now we know why Bernanke took the Fed-head job rather than remain in his cushy ivory tower at Princeton. Now Bernanke can afford to enjoy the same luxuries as do the Wall Street his money printing and bailout policies enriched.

    But I would be much more interested in seeing Bernanke’s meeting schedule that does not get reported. I know Greenspan had one that would surprise all of you. One of my best friends in NYC, Jerry Epstein (now deceased from diabetes), was a top-notch chef who did many gigs with very wealthy people. He chef’d for people like Carl Icahn, Michael Steinhardt, Mickey Drexler (J Crew/GAP) and Doris Duke. Around the time Greenspan retired from the Fed, Jerry was Steven Cohen’s personal chef. About two weeks after Greenspan left the Fed, Jerry called me to tell me that he was preparing a meal for Greenspan, who was having lunch with Cohen at his residence in Westchester (his home was in Westchester, his office was Stamford, Connecticut). While I got the details Jerry’s menu, I would have been more interested in the menu of what would be discussed.

    I bring this up because, while Bernanke’s visible speaking engagements are actively reported, I can guarantee you that he is conducting very private, non-disclosed meetings for which I’m sure he’s paid much higher “consulting fees” than his publicly announced speech compensation. After all, how many of you heard about Greenspan’s one-on-one luncheon meeting with Steven Cohen? It’s not the news you see that should bother you, it’s the news that doesn’t get reported that is most dangerous.