Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The National Margherita Pizza Price Index

Eater has checked the price of margherita izzas at every single VPN-certified restaurant in the country. That's 73 VPN-certified pizzerias total in the US, some of which are separate locations of chains. The result is the infographic above.


  1. Good post...the problem when someone says no food inflation is that due to mechanised farming, chemicals and dare I say GMOs the cost of meals has gone down dramatically. But this cost would be insane (thanks to the Fed) if farmers stuck to their old traditional techniques.

    Productivity increases keep masking the insidious effect of money printing and credit fueled and goosed up GDP and Stock market numbers.

    Of course it would be interesting if anyone has attempted a study no matter how inaccurate which could measure productivity increases after subtracting the credit induced factor weighting just from an insight perspective.

  2. I wonder how these prices correlate with minimum wages.