Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Private Planes of the Crony Carlyle Group

 The PEU Report tells us:
Amendments to The Carlyle Group's 2013 10-k reveal three leases for private planes, one for each Carlyle co-founder.

Falstaff Partners, LLC -- David M. Rubenstein
Westwind Acquisition Company, L.L.C. -- William E. Conway, Jr
Orange Crimson Aviation, L.L.C. -- Daniel A. D’Aniello
Here are the planes.

David Rubenstein's:

Daniel A. D’Aniello's:

William E. Conway, Jr.'s:


  1. Great work finding pictures of the actual planes.

  2. Hey, I just realized. That's the reason they'll never let us have our flying cars: They would have to inspect our a-holes every time that we fly to the store just to get a loaf of bread.