Sunday, March 23, 2014

Twitter's Making Turkey Look Like a Turkey

By, Chris Rossini

The Turkish government, in an effort to stop all the chatter about corruption, made the decision to ban Twitter. Naturally, Twitter traffic in Turkey shot through the roof, and workarounds popped up like like mushrooms.

Governments never learn. They fall for their own rhetoric and start to believe their groupie supporters: "Make a decree, and it shall be."

Well, Twitter may as well send a nice bottle of Napa Valley's finest over to the Turkish palaces. Who could ask for better free advertising?

Also, whenever government bans anything that is a non-crime (i.e., where there are no victims of aggression) it lights a flame in the minds of those who wish to remain free. The wheels start turning rapidly.

No matter how high government's marble monuments rise, no matter how many troops they amass, or how big their budgets, the human mind and creativity cannot be stopped. Human creativity is infinite. No one can box it in.

One caveat though: It works both ways. Once power is granted to humans, you're not going to box that in either. Humans with power are just as creative. Their wheels spin non-stop in trying to find ways around your "limits". They'll turn any constitution & bill of rights into confetti just as easily as you find ways around their "bans".

Best not to grant humans the power to use aggressive force, ever.

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  1. Wait a minute! Isn't Turkey supposed to be a democracy, "our" (weasel possessive pronoun alert) ally, unlike bad, bad Russia? I have a feeling that I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for a condemnation from "our" enlightened leaders in DC!

  2. Ban? What is that?
    Is that for the little people?

  3. "The human mind and creativity cannot be stopped." I wish that we're true. Unfortunately, as our technology to destroy increases (hydrogen bombs thousands of times more powerful that those dropped on Japan of which we have thousands that could saturate our atmosphere with enough radio active fallout to render our species extinct... Biological warfare agents so powerful as to contaminate every human on earth etc. etc.) and all of that power is put into the hands of ignorant foolish politicians... Well, you figure it out.

  4. "Best not to grant humans the power to use aggressive force, ever." This is THE most important lesson to learn, and one of the hardest for many to grasp and make their own. Thank you, Chris, for stating it so clearly.