Saturday, March 22, 2014

VIDEO Ukranian Neoazis Attack Television Network CEO

Neonazi Svoboda Party MPs attacked "First National" (Ukrainian: Перший національний) TV network CEO Oleksandr Panteleymonov and reportedly criticized him for allowing his network to broadcast untruths about their movement. According to the youtube summary, MPs forced Panteleymonov to write and sign his resignation on the spot and later "shoved" him into an SUV to be taken to an undisclosed location.

Justin Raimondo correctly calls the Svoda Party MPs friends of neocon Jamie Kirchick, who has worked for the USG propaganda machine, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, as well reporting for the neocon magazine, The Weekly Standard and many establishment news outlets including The New York Times and The Washington Post.


  1. Let's not forget that Jamie Kirchick first entered the scene when, as a writer for the New Republic (under then editor/owner uber liberal neocon Israel hawk Marty Perez), he authored a hit piece that was published mere days before the 2008 New Hampshire Republican primary sliming Ron Paul as a racist homophobe (Kirchick is gay). Selectively referencing and taking out of context the old newsletters, and making up lies out of whole cloth, it was a slimeball hit piece of the worst variety. It succeeded in setting the campaign back on its heels by causing those who were just getting familiar with who Ron Paul was to hesitate in support. This was enough, in conjunction with the shenanigans surrounding the Secretary of State Bill Gardener and purposeful circumvention of procedures to secure the ballots (ballots were left outside of the ballot safe in an unlocked building), to cause Paul to have a poorer showing than he otherwise might have had.

    I'm not saying RP would have won the primary, but you have to remember that RP was just starting to get some traction and this definitely had a negative effect.

    Jamie Kirchick is a slimeball.

    1. That;s only because most people are completely brain dead idiots. They always fall for that bullshit line of "racist" or "sexist". It's used as a tool so much you'd think even the most simple minded morons would get that it's nothing but a red herring. But, most people are such mental midgets that they can't see beyond a stupid accusation.

  2. These are the types of groups the power elite use and fund - via their fiat money machine - to spread their power and control. Someday they'll use these types of people to intimidate and control you.