Thursday, April 24, 2014

750 Cheering Warmongers at Harvard

Warmonger Senator John McCain beat the interventionist and war drums at Harvard on Monday evening.

He outlined his foreign policy views at the JFK Jr. Forum, focusing on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and offering an impassioned argument for why the United States should intervene in Syria, reports The Crimson.

“We are now in a situation where we have to contain Russia,” he said.

On Syria, he said:
If I sound emotional, I am emotional. I’m guilty. When I see people whose lives have been destroyed, when I see the bodies of these children that have been gassed with chemical weapons, when I see all those things and I see us sit back [saying] we’re war weary, well I don’t buy it.

Most shocking was this: According to The Crimson, "He left to a standing ovation from all 750 audience members in attendance."


  1. I hope all 750 audience members have the balls to enlist for active duty.

    It's so easy to send others.

    1. Oh no, they won't enlist, that's for just for the lower classes. Maybe they cheer because rich mommy and daddy are invested in the military industrial complex?

  2. Is it really that shocking that an imperialist warmonger would get a standing O at Harvard.

    Who else would hire all these progressive losers beside FedGov and all its related NGO's and of course FedGov's finance wing.

  3. If you're emotional and angry, and want to go over there and do something about it, nobody is stopping you John. Grab a rifle and go take up arms. In fact I will personally donate towards the plane ticket to fly you over there.

  4. Viva la Barracuda!